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Valiant Force 2 | Global


pros: great game for braindead people like me,
cons: game still crashed if stage got some tile with effect like slow, poison etc, also if played too long some stage need like 20 round to even finished then fc! and you start over lel

Figure Fantasy | English


game is good not very demanding, very well optimized for phone, nice touch for the 3d model on the figurine very well made and presented, gameplay is fun too

f2p cant get all the rewards unless you spend money in some event

this is very nice looking game, dev put really good effort on detail, physic and animation on character when in battle. unfortunately youll get bored with the gameplay, theres no variation with story, arena till event. the best part for me was the mini shooting game and the ripoff flappy bird very nice touch. the hardcore grind feels like this game was meant to be play on emulator for pc user, the game will drain your battery like crazy even in eco mode. ui is ugly, bad memoir system, need to redo same stage over cant skip/sweep stage. i want to play and enjoy a game not just babysitting in auto mode. story and music is good anyway

Edit- ver.1.0

This is just opm:ts reskin with 3d graphic & gameplay + same milk formula.
Game is not very f2p friendly you need to hold hero coins for a year to get multi
Stamina system is trash, very low rate and unbalance (when level up agency stamina dont refill)
Achievement clear is very not rewarding
They nerf the rewards compare to TW ver. (supposed to get 10 tix for every chap cleared instead we getting 5)
Very high ping' in game especially in coop and pvp
Aizawa is not f2p unless if youre lucky with pull (need 1 char upgraded to SS rarity)
Lack communication with dev and players > NA dev please do your job
The only best part : Coop is fun with bots when you reach lv.40.
Gameplay is fun with 3D console grade details + open world
Goodluck milking~

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