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game good and simple play and easy to get diamond , but rate gacha hard to get star 5

lumayan lah

this game is not like before, especially to get the 6 star character is very difficult unlike the first time this game appeared to be a 6 star character is a bit easy especially for new players, now new players have a little trouble getting 6 star characters

after 4 struggles [發困] in this game the end of my 4th id, the character is good, in terms of graphics the battle is good but the graph in the loby is very lacking and funny, in terms of controls it is also easy, only the gacha is difficult to get b5 and the gacha step is also difficult, it should be a little easier, the point is good, it just has to be repaired a little [微笑][厲害]

in terms of graphics it is good, in terms of the game is good and very similar to FGO games, and in terms of gacha sometimes it can be good and sometimes it can be worse at least better this game than Gacha FGO game, the main thing is this game, even though it's memory the storage is quite large, around 1GB more

hahaha it's really annoying, I have tried installing the game date a live up to 3x in a row but it's always the same as the black home screen but can enter the log in option after I log in. Instead the game is only black and doesn't respond at all and I wait anyway no changes

I corrected getting a good character is quite easy, but the obstacle of raising the level to 10 and above is a little difficult should the initial level 30 after that the limit break to increase the level to be stronger because to raise the character level SSR is a little difficult to get the material limit break, Moreover, the more storry the more difficult the enemy, and it is difficult to reach 3 stars, and for the whole game is good, only constrained to raise the level of the SSR character only

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