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Aether Gazer | Global


Not bad, haven't ran into any REAL issues that aren't about lack of skill. But I will say this, those skins for the character's are expensive for no damn reason!

Like no offense but their bot ecen that good and you want people to pay 15$ hands down?! Hell no, but I'll spend money when I see better skins.

Alchemy Stars | Global


So the only REAL major issue that I have with this version of the game is that Global does not equal Google Pay. Having to download two versions of this game both Global and NA ( specific) is annoying. Cause I honestly didnt want to start all over again even if I habent gotgen that far in one account.

I would ver much liked to have been able to use Google Pay on my Global account and such. Plus the Global version is a bigger audience then the NA version, which is weird have two instead or one technically.

But I do enjoy both version, and aome other things that I habe noticed that does get a bit tedious is the tutorial and how long it takes. For some reason despite it only taking mintuea to do, it really feels like it takes hrs.

The battle itself feels like it takes forever, ngl with a color pathing game like this, for the first time ever I do wish that you are able to Auto the whole thing cause it feels like it takes forever. Its not that I like doing it manually but if I just wanna get a quick battle in the story, it last for more then ten mintues.

I know these may just sound like complaints, but this is how the game feels like to me. Nothing to do with content but more on the lines of mechanics and Ingame Spending.

Valiant Force 2 | Global


I really do miss the old Valiamt Force. It had its own nice classic feel and style to it. Despite how old it was, it was still a pretty decent game. Was it the best, no, but it wasnt the worst.

So far I do love and appreciate the feel and stysle of this one. I love that we have skill cutscenes for the ults. The flow feels pretty decent, the graphics like pretty good do far. I have yet to run into anything problematic. I've played the first version for years, so I have high expectations for this game and what they did to he orginal one.

I hope they improved it for the better and not worse. Runing the game and dragging the name through the mud. So Im giving it the benifit of doubt. But I didnt know it was the Sea version that was listed in the Google Play store, which is where I pre-registered.

Honkai: Star Rail


Well im playing on my phone, so thats the biggest hit to the game in my opinion. My phone can handle the highest of graphic runs and everything else, cause that how I run all my games and how I play HI3.

So unfortunately if your playing on moblie and your phone wasnt built or can withstand the graphics. THIS GAME WILL MELT YOUR BATTERY. I wish I was lying or joking.

So far I have yet to run into any issues only for the sole that that it felt like the game was about to set my phone on fire or melt my battery through the back of my phone. I would HIGHLY suggest playing on the lowest quality that you can if your gonna run this game on your phone. Everything with take a major hit and your experience with the game will probably change on a visual level.

Dragon Raja | Global


Idk how true this may be for most people who play this game, but this is a TRUE WHALES GAME.

The game is ok, decent at best. Nothing really fancy or outta this world, but the environment and graphics of it aren't that bad.

Gameplay wise it's also on the ok and decent scale. Again nothing to outlandish or over the top, some pretty interesting classes and definitely unique play styles.

Now on to the whale side of things, now you can 100% buy EVERYTHING. You literally dont have to grind for anything that is not lvls and careers. This game is a game where you can dump your whole life's worth and future money into ans be the strongest character in the game, while not even playing the game.

The one thing that I honesty do find hugely unfair is the fact that less than 5% of the cosmetics in the game are grindable.
The rest of the cosmetics you have to pay they're all behind the paywall and the paywall is not cheap so you can grind out some costumes and cosmetics but just know you're only going to get at least 5% of them if not even less than 5% probably 1%.

And the class scaling between players in PvP related things are so unbalanced that its crazy. You can be lvl 170 and still love to a lvl 120 dwspite having higher gear, items, PW states, etc. And the reason you would lose is cause your not a whale.

But these are just some of the things that I have personally ran into and encountered over thw years of playing. And the reason I still play or come back to this game is simply cause I have faith thay it van fo well and it is a pretty decent mobile MMORPG in its own right.

Onmyoji | English


If I had to say one thing about this game, then it would be a slow burn kinda game.

It's not that I hate this game or anything, but ngl it feels like a COMPLETE whales game. I'm not saying that it is, but with the ridiculous amount of micro transactions that ( no lie) they shove in your face is annoying.

I personally dont mind spending money in this game, but I dont want to spend money every time I want to do something.
That's why I falled this a slow burn of a game.

If you honestly want to play F2P ALL THE WAY, they you must have patients and dont mind the fomo. Especially when it comes to the summoning rates. Your more then likely to fill the whole list of SR and R then you are SSR and EX. And dont think thag you are gonna get the banner character, cause your not. Not even before or after the banner is over.

Then you have the summons that say 8% chance or increase your chance by keep sumooning 10 pulls and or buy your way to it. But dont get me wrong I love this game I do!

But samn they just make it so hard sometimes, cause then you have the events thay half the time they dont even tell you want you need to to do unless they are major story events.

So as much as this sounds like Im complaing, I love this game. But their just something that keep me from playing all the time or just in general.

What about Destiny Child? This game is basically the same thing to some degree, but people love Destiny Child but shit on this one. I don't get it since their both published under the same company.

I dont get why people are dogshitting this game wnen Destiny Child is a a thing. Mind you I have been playing Destiny Child on the first release, despite it being only in Korean I played it like no tomorrow.

Yea this game could use some polishing, but its not as bad as people are making it out to be. Plus there are by far WORSE GAME OUT THERE WITH THE GREATEST REVIEWS AND RATINGS!

It's ok to not like the game and have some form of issues with it, but giving it a bad rating compared to the other games that are worse or just like this one is hypocritical.

Also the quote " Overly Sexualization " of this game is coming from the same people who either watch hentai, corn, of play games with other " Overly Sexualization " of women. Im a women and I have no issue with this since stuff like this happens in reality ALL THE TIME!

So quit with the HYPOCRITICAL COMMENTS from hypocrites that take things waaaaay to seriously.

Dislyte | Global


Well other than the atrocious drop rate for Legends, and the low drop rate for higher EXP fodder to lvl up your character's, along with the atrocious amount of gold that you have to spend to lvl up anything in general is pretty bad. Along with how to get the new skins that come out for certain character's.

But other than those particular glaring problems for me personally, the game itself, overall is pretty good and decent. The story is a nice and pretty neat friend saves friend story dor the first half which is normal mode.

Some on the Ritual battles can be annoying, and some of the characters already need a serious kit overhaul, design, or both. I really do like the game so far and have high hope that they will try to listen to their player bases and take the feedback into consideration.

Other than all of that, its a pretty decent and nice F2p environment for the most part.

Azur Lane | English


Ngl there has been many things that have kept me from truly enjoying this game and feeling somewhat happy when playing it.

1. The lvling system for the battleships is terrible.

There's only 2 ways to actually lvl them up and one requires you to save up your rubies and then spend an absurd amout to get extra slots to hold more battleships.

The other way is just pure story and event progression, which isnt a bad thing. But it's annoying as hell that I cant use weaker ships as fodder for my stronger ones and get them to max lvl that way.

2. The Oil to Coin ratio

Its weird and also annoying cause they pair up the two when sometimes I jsut want the coins since my oil is over the limit that is given. And no matter how much I use, I still have to much left over.

3. Crafting

The crafting system is confusing and stupid since its not really straight forward. You honestly shouldn't have to look for guides unless they are necessary. I have to look for them just to figure out how to do the basics of things.

This is by far not a horrible game, but it's most definitely for those that love to be tortured and feel the pain of just doing the simplist of things.

Grimlight | Global


I've played Ep7, Kings Raid, Seven Kinghts ( both global and KR version), Music games, Destiny Child KR. So many other games that requure high performances and alot more storage space then this.

Yet tgis game cant even run properly on my phone which is a pretty crappy phone sometimes. I've had little to no issues playing other games.

But damn the force closing and and so call " Lost Connection/ Network Error" is annoying. What the point in making a half baked game if your first impressions are releasing a shitty game.

Congrats to those that can play with little to no issue and are able to give a better review then I can on the mechanics and things that are going on in the game. But I know its not my phone that not making it work or my WiFi.

( I've joined and still am in the discord since the realese of this game. I am willing to edit my review later on when I reinstall the game. But this review was made during the realese and after. Yes it is subject to change later on. But I do stand by what I said why since I was able to play the game.)



There's not much that is wrong with the game with the expection of the biggest issue that I have. Idk what happened when updating this game recently but the amount of crashing that it does is overwhelming.

Crashing every 2-3 mintues is crazy, I've been playing this game since it first came out. I've been off and on with it due to the issues that it has been having. This has yet to be fixed and I cant even enjoy the game anymore like I used to when the crashing and freezing wasess fequent.

No where and from what I download this game from this has ALWAYS been the biggest annoynce that I had with the game. I would like to enjoy the game again but the crashing is just to much.



not bad

[微笑][哇噻][微笑][哇噻][微笑][哇噻][微笑] looks and play good

Destiny Child | Japanese


I've grinded ny butt off in the Korean version, and still am almost to lvl cap 100. Personally I dont like the fact the awakening crystals can be used for something else since you have to use the for both the awakening and the lvl ups. Idc about the censorship, and the drop rate is ok but yea it just doesn't compare the Kr version for some reason.

Epic Seven | Global


Well it was great while it lasted. It appears that I can never open the game again after it hit global (thx). But from what I've played and almost beat this game is a thing of beauty and a masterpiece. Wish I could've finished playing though

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