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A decent game, with all the pros and cons of survival games. New feature are blueprints you can find on maps that unlock extra stuff to build in your camp.

At least here you actually can build your camp in time to resist the first group of unexpected visitors, unlike in many different games that hit you with paywall. That doesn't mean there's no p2w content, but so far not game breaking.

There's not enough players for co-op dungeon raid.

Village of Adventurer


simple game that is part exploration, fighting monsters and gathering resources, part crafting and upgrading the town, and part town defense. exploration is kinda mmo since you can run into other players marked on map as shield with crossed swords.
worth trying if you like this kind of games.

it's hard to figure out what to do. too many item names and crafting recipes are not translated at all.

The Wild Darkness


Amazing survival game! It has simple but easily readable graphic. Amount of possibilities makes it one of the best free games. I play it for month and I still havent seen half of the content.
All the bugs get fixed asap, Popeyed listens to the players and acknowledges their requests and wishes.[開心]

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It's not working for me since yesterday, showing login errors. Does anyone know what's going on?
Does the game have official fb/twitter/any social media account?
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