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It just good.

The game is pretty good if you want to play casually and still want to pass some time.

The battle system is basic and simple to pull off. It has a side of RNG so it might get a bit hard to pull off right clear on harder map to progress faster. It is not very brain dead, certainly you can auto it if you are on a node you can easily stomp but crunch farm is also very enticing if you have good hands.

The amount of resources management will keep you in the game for a bit if you aren't rushing story (better off farming in polluted sea area or event)

The story is very basic apocalyptic scenario albeit not very serious in its tone. From what I have seen so far, it is just OK.

Units are unique in gameplay, their style varies and every single one can pull their weight if you know how to build around them.

This is a good secondary game if you want something to chill while waiting for your main. I play this along with FGO just because they both use historical figures as base.

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