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Asphalt 9: Legends


The gameplay is quite alright. Plus, so far I don't see the downside of this game.

This version of PUBG is way better compare with the global one.

Although the Gacha is hell, it doesn't matter as long as you can have fun in a game like this. The story is kinda great but the events are quite dependent since not all events are available for beginners. You need to finish all of the story plus the lost belt chapters.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


The gameplay is pretty good. And I saw the advertisement of the game on tv a few days ago. Hopefully I can play this game smooth and steady in the future. The improvement of this game is to add some New valkyries and other special weapons in the future.

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#GAME_OF_MARCH although I haven't played Animal Crossing since I don't own a Nintendo Switch during this Quarantine period due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But for me, Game of March in 2020 it is Arknights. It is similar to Azur Lane but for me it is way easier than Azur Lane.  Read Note
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