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Path to Nowhere


Not bad TD game. It is an Arknights clone in some ways, but it brings new mechanics to fights such as repositioning units and manual attacks. Husbandos are very few, so I'll probably drop it in a few months. We can pick our Chief's gender so that's cool.

Mahjong Soul | English


The husbando to waifu ratio is super skewed, so they have a separate gacha. And they do add more husbandos with events and all.
Also I learned how to play riiichi mahjong. I'm not good but at least I now know the basics lol.
10/10 get your rng in gacha and game



Not good but not bad either. The Battle graphics reminds me of old flash games, but the UI is similar to other battle gacha games. There are male units but there are less than 10 of them and they're even rarer than the rarest 3 star rank waifu charas. They have a slightly higher chance of showing up on the regular summon instead if the 33 free rerolls, so don't bother rerolling for them. The translations are wack but it seems interesting.

The designs of the monsters are unique. It reminds me of Digimon.



Anyone else having some Professor Layton vibes? The art has a similar style and all the characters are charming. The game play is the typical drop matching puzzle. It can be difficult in later levels so save up for chapter 2 and 3.


The sage


the art is quite nice and there are tutorials for thr game systems. I finally learned the basics of minesweeper. The story is simple, the kingdom's been destroyed and you as the sage need to rebuild it.

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Service ending in August Wtf johren, is it that bad having this game on your website?
We've been waiting for this for years and this game barely passed two years before termination. And we can't even transfer to JP. I will be deleting my johren account. You couldn't even announce it properly on twitter, "just look at the in game notice". Smh
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