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so, fortunately I've got スタラ or sutara duplicate and both of them has law fate as their base.

how to change one of them into chaos? I'd like to use both of them in one party (since this game doesn't allow duplicate in one team).
for a starter I have located 2 letter like items in my inventory, and many ppl said that the exact item to change their fate, but when I chose it in the character tab, there is none of character's fate I can change.

can anyone help me? do I need to complete certain stage in order to change fate?

thanks in advance sorry for my rusty english

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was hoping if i can get more then 1 6* from the first roll (15th times reroll, and it seems i cant. or can i?
it seems iits guaranteed to get single 6* from the first gacha. long short, this is a good gem. 
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