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On Air!


It's pretty simple but funny, the Auto mode IS AMAZING 'causenyou can play while doing other things. The characters are good overall




I love SideM but is true this isn't one of the best games ;-; it's just too hard to get prizes like the clothes... I mean you gotta own 2 copies to get the special lothes plus the hard part about getting mjewelss it's pretty abusive...
the graphics althought aren't the best it's amazing to be able to have 3D models while playing 😍, the only thing I dislike very much is the lack of prizes st the lives gameplay... it should be like deresute and give you prizes like mjewels etc 'cause why to play the lives if it's just give you low important things...

the things I would change from it to be better are:
-get rid of the copies cards for the specislclothes thing
-change the songs gameplay to more buttons indtead of one
-add prizes to the lives

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