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For those getting *slow connection* please use a VPN.

The graphics, voice acting and gameplay are excellent. The characters are beautifully portrayed and the mc definitely has her own will. She is talented and analytical.
The game interface is artistic, you can stare at the home screen for hours.

The storyline is based on a multiverse Till now we have two worlds, obe of them being disaster stricken. We keep traveling through worlds and time, trying to save the people. It is mostly depressing, with sweet moments with the mls. Choices matter, branching into different timelines.

Gacha rates are standard, raid isn't available but the auto battle is good. Resources provided are moderate. Stamina provide till now is satisfactory, replenishment time is a bit low.

Different game modes are also available like date, promotion, side stories, art, messages and school, but isn't time consuming.

Till now, it's the best otome I have ever played (and I have played loads). Definitely do try this.

The Tale of Food | Global


Overall decent



Plot: Standard. However the Area stories are kind of good. The detection parts are educational and mostly accurate.
The dates are ok, the MC is not dense or bashful nor are the girls tsunderes.
Characters are decently written.
Gameplay: Idle clicker and merger. There is a lot to do though. Resources are abundant thankfully
Draw Rates: Standard

Good graphics and new events are always there, though the event formats get repetitive. It's the best Idle Game I have played till late, though it's not that Idle for me.
Also, the units creation time takes too long.

Path to Nowhere


A brilliant game to launch during Halloween. Has mature art style, interesting story line and is fully voiced! Levels are hard to clear true, let's see if grinding is required.
Strategy is very important.
edit: Standard drop rate. Pity carries over.
Stamina issue as we need a lot of resources. At least we can buy stamina cheap.
Mc is strong thankfully, we get good choices.
B ranks are good too!

Plot: Standard. Tried putting in sexual elements to spice things up. Set in a generic royal theme, the strong villainess is the queen, the innocent,hates being in the spotlight, trusts the bi**h friend heroine is the true monarch. The mls help her unconditionally.

Xion is the cold outside, soft kink lover inside tsukudere.
The panther is a mellow guy, best character out of the lot. Turns out to be the hidden prince.
Kyle is good, helpful and a straight shooter, he speaks his mind gently.
Harley is the typical childhood friend.

The main problem is the amount of gems required. We get about 100 per day from logging in, 5x10 from ads.
Three outfits each worth 720 gems are required to reach the end. 2 Potions are mandatory to raise affection worth 400 gems. Good options need 50 to 150 gems. Plus we need items to raise affection.

Also the mc starts out strong but makes such bad choices midway like trusting the girl who hates her openly it's annoying.

Overall a nice game.

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