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Good game that's surprisingly time consuming. The features of the game opens up real slowly. I'm currently at account level 12 with some characters/cards creeping up to level 20, and there are still some features in the game that I haven't unlocked yet. Probably to deter people from rerolling too much at the beginning.

A single stage can easily take 10-15 minutes to finish if played manually. Auto-battle is also an option if your characters are already at a higher level than the enemies. The amount of enemy units per stage is A LOT. It's not as simple as it seems at the beginning, eventhough it's not as conplicated as console-grade tactical RPGs. So far I've seen escort missions (keeping a certain unit alive until the end), and escape missions (reaching a certain point in the map as the enemy chases you around).

Music is great, character designs are okay eventhough personally I think some of them look a bit different from the manga/anime.

It's great. I wonder why Square Enix didn't release this on Switch or PC too with different servers. This is worthy enough to be on console.

Pros: The sprites are superb and I especially liked the artstyle very much. Fully voiced story mode. Rhythm gameplay is mediocre, but very fluid and still somewhat enjoyable.
Cons: Music is instrumental BGM only. And that writing, boy, I cringed a lot reading the opening story. The main guy is overbearing and they made the protag (us) to say things that sound so... dumb.

Not gonna continue playing most probably.

Otome Yusha


After the renewal it's obvious Level 5 is trying to encourage more people to pay for stuffs. In-game gold is like flowing into the drain now, upgrading a spirit and weapon to the max level can take 100k or more.

Even for players who has a ton of gold from before the renewal (like me), they can be gone in a blink.

Gameplay is still fun as before. The new features like the 3D models are nice additions. Story is also enhanced with more details but still just simple stuffs.

Crimson Clan


Play it for the story and the superb voice actor cast.
Gameplay is.. just barebones auto-attack stuff.

One thing that I noticed as beyond average here is the quality of voice. No, not the voice acting, that's a given with a cast list like this. I mean the actual quality of the audio. Maybe it's just my imagination, but it sounds like the dialogue lines are a notch clearer than the usual quality found in other mobile games.

Best otome mobile game available now in my opinion.
Most of the characters are adults with a job instead of the usual high school boys, story's interesting and even funny at times.
Gameplay's simple but not too simple. You still have to think about the strategy but if you have competent cards you'll pull through. Easy to pick up and put down anytime. BGM is sooo good.

The most important thing is, they're not stingy with the crystals used for gachas. Play all stages for an timed event and you'll collect enough for a 10x gacha. Not many games offer that kind of thing.



Like others said, too bad this isn't a rhythm game.
But on the other hand, it also has a little strategy element so it's not too passive or overly simplistic either.

Graphics amazing, the characters are well written. The voice actors are all newbies so some can soundpretty meh at times (some are trying way too hard to sound cute). It's also part of the charm I guess, we're watchng the voice actors grow together with their in-game characters.



Fun, unusual game for people who are already tired with the average female-oriented games.
The game's setting and characters are unabashedly ridiculous to the point of endearing. The protag just accepts everything that happens around him/her like, okay....

Gameplay's rather simple but it's something new. Not a match three, not an auto battle, not a card game. It's more like a whack-a-mole game. Music is super catchy. Characters are funny as hell and is the main highlight of this game for me.

Yakuza ONLINE | Japanese


So far not bad. Gameplay is a bit mediocre, music is great, character sprites and artwork are incredible.
Got a Majima and Minami at the tutorial roll.

Btw, does anyone know if we can redeem the preregistration bonus? Or is it only available through the "proper" channel aka playstore?



Yet another one of those games that plays itself...
Great BGM, great artstyle, but passive gameplay...

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Apparently the game's gonna open tomorrow.
There's some kind of a live broadcast starting 8 PM Japan time tomorrow and after that the game's live! 
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