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Epic Race 3D


Too much ads , i deleted the game after 10min 🤦‍♂️

Inazuma Eleven SD


Great game but the gacha rate is very low .

Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars


Nice game ✌✌✌

Dragon Ball Z: Awakening


Gacha Ball Z Awakening ... 😷

Boring ... nothing new or original , it is a copy of walking dead .

Ce jeux ne sortira jamais en français , arrêtez de rêver ... et tant mieux ! Pas besoin qu'une compagnie européenne vienne ruiné cette merveille . À chaque fois qu'une compagnie traduit un jeux japonais , c'est pour retiré tout le côté f2p et le transformé en pure p2w . Si vous voulez des jeux Fr y a google play , ici c'est qooapp [賣萌]

Very nice game [哇噻]

Pokémon Duel


No event even for Christmas ... time to drop this game . #Greed

To upgrade you have to collect hundreds of fragments , you can not stack more than 3 boxes , each box take several hours to open , you do not get rewarded if your 3 slots ar full , you have to open at least one box if you want to get a reward from your next race ... i dropped that game because of these terrible rules 😵



This season on Qooapp is the worst i've seen , the last 50 games that came out are garbage ... i hope december will be better !

Aigis A


This is by far the worst month on Qooapp , so many bad games are being released ... can't wait for Ares No Tenbin to raise the bar !

The servers are beeing shutdown for several hours now ... i'm pissed

Tokyo Conception


2D Story , 2D Home, terrible gacha rate and expensive .

Schoolgirl Strikers 2


Graphic is correct , the gameplay has nothing special , but the UI is too bulky ... i downloaded this game as a battle girl high shool and alternative girld fan but you're very very far from them .

Terrible UI , nothing new or original , just a bad turn based .

Kairisei Million Arthur


Garbage, just a gacha game with bad graphic , useless and terrible story , no voice and a terrible user interface ...

Pictures , text and gacha ....[no][no][no]

Bakuretsu Monster


Colopl you always impress me with your games , you're the best [哇噻]

Edit : The energy is very short and some stages cost way too much , give us more energy and reduce the cost please . I do not want to blame Indigo but Colopl you're better when you work alone.

Energy system , fragment system in gacha so you can pull what you can not use , low rate , expensive , low rewards , the only good point is the graphic but that's it , i dropped this game after 30min.

LayereD Stories 0


Original gameplay , plenty of rewards , give it a try guy's 🤗

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Damn ... a pandemic has started and the game is still not released . Please remove this game from the list , because you're giving us false hope . Read Note
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