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Epic Seven


trash game [怪笑]

Garbage game that asks to much of data that they will 100% use the phone numbers,names, data, pictures, recorded messages etc. and sell them to companys.. fuking spy shit game.

sadly rly bad value in terms of paid and normal gems and also discount dailys are paid gems only aswell. The full auto mode can only be used after you finished the stage once.

Garbage bandai game with very stiff animations looks like the game is unfinished

when i take a shit more comes out then by playing this game

garbage to download the app for 20 mins just to figure out the game will go life on 16th...[發火] will change it when i can play the game Edit: so i played it for 2 hours and must say when i go to the toilet and take a shit something better then this game comes out... The moves are are laggy the walking animations stuck every couple seconds they dont give you enough crystals to summon atleast 1 time for a unit but when you do gues what you get CHARACTER SHARDS or N units.. I rly hope this gamr dies fast because its an embarrassment for the anime.


RATES ARE GOOD GUYS ONLY 2% TO GET AN 5*[怪笑]. Lets fuking roll the 5* another fgo with better rates, hey the rates are high guys they are HIGH 2% HIGH [發困]

it did bwcome an trash game it does lag in combos

Dragalia Lost


great sound decent graphic shitty controll crap rates

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