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nya~ o/
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nya~ o/
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Yes, nice "game" [怪笑] ( ^ω^)

Pokémon Masters EX


Well well... Ultra Necrozma is a hella strong and on its own uber tier. Power creep is real 😨

But for real, this game is quite a different experience than your usual mainline games or even mystery dungeon. For one, it's not turn based and second, it's a gacha game... Need I say more?

The biggest 'upset' is the fact that there are no 'wild' Pokemon (though eggs exist) so that throws the nain series concept out the window

Secondly, the fact that every trainer is paired with a single Pokemon only and the only way they would change is if they have a seasonal or otherwise character variant.

However the most egregious of them all for me is the fact that movesets are fixed. That's right no moves can be learnt or forgotten other than if they change due to evolution... So you can't have that trainer with your favorite Typhlosion learn Thunderpunch (Ethan) or heck even have your own (MC's) Pikachu learn Discharge... or evolve for that matter... [no]. I get that Pikachu is the mascot and all but seriously??

Battles are a 3v3 format but not like your triple battles in BW/B2W2. There are 2 times of enemy target designated on moves, 'An opponent' or 'All opoenents'. No 'cant hit non-adjacent enemy' nonsense, so there's that.

Still I would say it's a neat experiment and somewhat successful even but it's really a gacha game dressed up as a Pokemon game not a Pokemon game at its core.

Also P2W for champion stadium at least.
The rest is quite easily doable as an F2P'er. ( ^_^ )/~~

A global ver is released at last[開心], now I can actually read and understand the deep story this game has to offer without going through complicated hoops *cough* translators/youtube subs *cough* [委屈]... Anyway it might not look it but ProSekai does have goods stories even if it is a ryhthm game. ( ・ิω・ิ)[暈]

Edit: I must apologize, it's not released yet, it's just announced for release

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