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I've been playing mirishita,deresute,bandori,llsif and d4dj but i find this game a lot more enjoyable compared to those.The gacha rate is more or less the same but a lot more generous with crystals and we'll be getting 70 free pulls on both new years and anniversary.I'm currently doing no gacha challenge and been saving crystals since day1 and only playing with 1,2 and 3star event cards since event point bonus system is pretty good even if u don't have 4stars.Also,many QoL updates will be coming in the near future along with more crystal income and new event modes.

Figure Fantasy | Japanese


First time seeing a newer different server game with higher version than older original server.Servers will be opened at June 24th 12pm JST(gmt+9).Kizuna AI collab event will begin at June 25th 6am JST.I'll be updating my review properly about how to reroll,gacha details,tier list,combat system & team formation once it's up.

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese


Rerolling in this game is kinda easy to do so(compared to other gacha games anyways).Use free tickets,guaranteed tix & diamonds first,then see if the results r good or not.If u don't like them,simply go to "ミ二ユ" button at the bottom left.U'll see "アカウント" button with human icon at the bottom.Tap blue button with テタ on it.It will wipe ur current account data.5star rate is 3.5% btw.Also,if u wanna save ur tickets & diamonds for future banners,it's fine to do so since u'll be getting one 5*guaranteed tix from pre-register rewards,another one from day2 login,15x5*guaranteed pieces(collect another 15x from venus tower stage 30 to craft one 5*guaranteed tix) & one 5*guaranteed tix.If u want full 5stars team from the start(just like me),just try to reroll ur fav 5* waifu from release banner or standard banner.Have fun rerolling,everyone.

Alchemy Stars | Global


How to reroll with guest acc without root:Go to file manager/android/data & rename com.tencent.baiyeint file(simply adding 1 at the end of file name will do)>do the same to obb file>Clear all game data>remove 1.Be sure to swap servers everytime u reroll(basically 4 max) since u'll be loading the same guest acc b4 u reroll if u choose the same server as earlier acc.U can also use multiple emails to reroll but unfortunately salted email method doesn't work.U can check other rerolling methods online.As for which char to reroll,go check mrguider site.

Basically chess with ur fav chibi waifu.Pretty similar to arknights in a lot of things like gameplay,ui & base/dorm system.About gacha,there r four rarities called MR,UR,SR & R with highest rarity MR being 6%(role/waifu-2%, annal/stigmata-4% plus pity chance 2% increase every pull after 40pulls if u don't get MR role by then).Before all that,u guys will probably be stuck at verification screen for quite a while(even me included at first).I'll teach u guys how to get past that screen,no worries.When u first enter the home screen after downloading additional data 160MB,u'll see there r three different logins.Go to rightmost one then u'll see one box asking for ur password to sign in.Next step is Chinese picture capcha about finding three identical words as given word in order.If u get past screen,there will be two boxes asking ur citizen name(first box) & ID(second box).U can copy/paste any of these from here "".Then Congrats,u can finally enjoy playing the game.Thanks for reading my post.Have fun playing,everyone.

After grinding expert & master songs a crap ton,I think I could post some reviews from my experience.Rerolling is super ez & u can get 4-5 4* at most even tho rate is 3%.Almost every single song in the whole game is very catchy & enjoyable to listen.Some beatmaps r quite unique with some lyrics as word shaped notes.There r five difficulties;Easy,normal,hard,expert & master.To unlock Master,u needa clear expert with no more than 7notes(good/bad/miss combined).Certain expert songs r a ton harder than most master songs,i can't even imagine how much harder their master versions(looking at u,dissappearance & hibana).UI is almost the same as bandori with the addition of daily challenge lives,virtual lives & character rankings.U can get tons of character exp from playing lives(a lot more than exp books tbh).Even tho bugs r still here & there,I do think this game has a lot of potential & hopefully devs would make this game smooth af & maybe more APOLOGEMS too.That's all,folks.Thanks for taking ur precious time just to read this mountain of words.Have fun grinding.

Genshin Impact


Since I just hit AR16,I guess it's time to write some reviews & maybe take some rest after that(grinded exp for 13hrs straight).Mobile version is kinda buggy so pc version would be far better.Getting 5* is kinda ez despite having extremely low rates.Grinding AR exp is kinda ez too as long as u keep doing story,world & archon quests.Its just that exploration is kinda a pain to do after a while due to map being way too big.Even low setting graphics r already more than enough for me.Mix-matching artifacts is kinda fun but character & weapon ascension is kinda grindy.Overall,very good gaming experience that everybody needs in their lives.That's all,folks.

Personally,I prefer konosuba over rezero mainly cuz of combat system.Anyway,let's start reviewing about this wonderful game.To play the game,download Hola VPN then choose Hong Kong.To reroll,android/data/rename tw.wonderplanet.fantasticdays & do obb file the same,clear app data then rename them back to original.U can check jp tier list on fandom if u get annoyed from looking at words.In short,aim for melissa or iris or erika for main dps & cielo or amy for supp.U can clear the whole game if u include any of those in ur rerolls.The more 4star u have,the better anyway.Just be sure to include above ones.Rate is 4% & the game is pretty generous with crystals & tickets.I made a full CN Tier List under timeline so be sure to go check it out if u have free time.Each character has one basic attack,two skills & one ultimate during battle.The ultimate grows with intimacy lvl.Skills can only be upgraded with duplicate cards.Limit-breaking is same as usual by grinding rank-up materials.That's all,folks.Thanks for taking ur precious time just to read this mountain of words.Have fun playing.

Aight,let's start with the gacha part.There r three different banners for now;No rate-up,rate-up banner & ticket banners.Every banners include both characters & memoria stones;2.5% for 3*character & 5% for 3*memoria stone.A total of 18 3* combining both.One free pull everyday on no rate-up banner.
Getting AoE dps or support characters is very important so be sure to reroll until u get at least one of them.As for story,there r main quests & main story.Ur choice doesn't really matter in main quest while ur choices really matter a lot in main story so that u would be missing TONS of rewards if u made one wrong choice so be sure to translate b4 u choose.U have to progress enough stories to unlock quests starting 1-10.Seems like there r material quests,tower & PvP too.U can get one SSR ticket from logging in for 30days so don't worry if u have bad luck.U can grind every characters up to 5* too so u can invest in anyone u like.As for whom to reroll,I'll be updating this review when I finish testing every 3* in the whole game.Until then,that's all,folks.

There r only three playable songs for now;Tell Your World,Sweet Magic & Hibana - Reloaded -.There r five difficulty tiers;Easy,normal,hard,expert & master.Playing with thumbs is not not recommended since u'll get stuck at Hibana expert & master
but the other two r quite doable with thumbs though.From my experience:Hibana reloaded is flick+double tiles spam hell, sweet magic is single tiles spam hell & tell your world is slider spam hell.All songs r very good to listen too.That's all,folks.Have fun playing.

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