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A dedicated genshin impact player who plays it on both android & pc.
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A dedicated genshin impact player who plays it on both android & pc.
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Genshin Impact


Since I just hit AR16,I guess it's time to write some reviews & maybe take some rest after that(grinded exp for 13hrs straight).Mobile version is kinda buggy so pc version would be far better.Getting 5* is kinda ez despite having extremely low rates.Grinding AR exp is kinda ez too as long as u keep doing story,world & archon quests.Its just that exploration is kinda a pain to do after a while due to map being way too big.Even low setting graphics r already more than enough for me.Mix-matching artifacts is kinda fun but character & weapon ascension is kinda grindy.Overall,very good gaming experience that everybody needs in their lives.That's all,folks.

Personally,I prefer konosuba over rezero mainly cuz of combat system.Anyway,let's start reviewing about this wonderful game.To play the game,download Hola VPN then choose Hong Kong.To reroll,android/data/rename tw.wonderplanet.fantasticdays & do obb file the same,clear app data then rename them back to original.U can check jp tier list on fandom if u get annoyed from looking at words.In short,aim for melissa or iris or erika for main dps & cielo or amy for supp.U can clear the whole game if u include any of those in ur rerolls.The more 4star u have,the better anyway.Just be sure to include above ones.Rate is 4% & the game is pretty generous with crystals & tickets.I made a full CN Tier List under timeline so be sure to go check it out if u have free time.Each character has one basic attack,two skills & one ultimate during battle.The ultimate grows with intimacy lvl.Skills can only be upgraded with duplicate cards.Limit-breaking is same as usual by grinding rank-up materials.That's all,folks.Thanks for taking ur precious time just to read this mountain of words.Have fun playing.

Re:Zero Lost in Memories


Aight,let's start with the gacha part.There r three different banners for now;No rate-up,rate-up banner & ticket banners.Every banners include both characters & memoria stones;2.5% for 3*character & 5% for 3*memoria stone.A total of 18 3* combining both.One free pull everyday on no rate-up banner.
Getting AoE dps or support characters is very important so be sure to reroll until u get at least one of them.As for story,there r main quests & main story.Ur choice doesn't really matter in main quest while ur choices really matter a lot in main story so that u would be missing TONS of rewards if u made one wrong choice so be sure to translate b4 u choose.U have to progress enough stories to unlock quests starting 1-10.Seems like there r material quests,tower & PvP too.U can get one SSR ticket from logging in for 30days so don't worry if u have bad luck.U can grind every characters up to 5* too so u can invest in anyone u like.As for whom to reroll,I'll be updating this review when I finish testing every 3* in the whole game.Until then,that's all,folks.

Personally,I prefer PGR over honkai mostly cuz of combat system.Graphics r the same except PGR has less storage.Dodging is limited by short time frames so timing is very important in late game contents.QTE system works very different here.Outside of super-calculating space(similar to time fracture),u need three of the same color skill balls to active sub members' QTE but ur main member won't be switched in,while during scs,u only need one skill ball to trigger QTE.That's a plus from me since u won't be losing any damage potential especially during war zone(similar to infinity abyss/Dirac sea) & phantom pain cage(similar to memorial arena).Consciousness rescue is very challenging to play especially when u have low lvl/cp team.There r five different gacha banners for now;selection character banner(80% for any baseA u selected every 10pulls/guaranteed baseS at 40pulls for first time/guaranteed baseS at 60pulls after that),two special character banners(one with 70% up-rate baseS at 60pulls & the other with 70% up-rate baseS within 80-100pulls),selection weapon banner(80% for 5star u selected every 10pulls/80% for 6star u selected at 30pulls)& normal weapon banner.As for consciousness(similar to stigmata),there r six equipable slots with 4-piece effect at max.Unlike Hi3rd,they r all completely grindable from war zone & shop which is very f2p friendly.Every character fragments r grindable from side stories & phantom pain cage.From my experience,among five baseS,kareniina(white drill-haired girl) has the highest damage output because she has her own 6* fire set.I recommend choosing her from GR777 exchange code then pull her signature weapon.Shenwei as second for now but when his 6* shadow set is out,he would surpass kareniina despite being a tank himself followed up by Lee.Rerolling is kinda weird though.Rename both PGR data file from android/data & PGR obb file from android/obb(simply adding 1 at the end of files would do),clear game data from phone settings then rename them back to original.That would only make fb acc log out while both google & guest acc would still be logged in.Basically u need tons of fb acc so u have to create those with any dummy emails u have.That's all,folks.Thanks for taking ur precious time just to read this mountain of words.Have fun playing.

There r only three playable songs for now;Tell Your World,Sweet Magic & Hibana - Reloaded -.There r five difficulty tiers;Easy,normal,hard,expert & master.Playing with thumbs is not not recommended since u'll get stuck at Hibana expert & master
but the other two r quite doable with thumbs though.From my experience:Hibana reloaded is flick+double tiles spam hell, sweet magic is single tiles spam hell & tell your world is slider spam hell.All songs r very good to listen too.That's all,folks.Have fun playing.

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CN Tier List Based on JPfandom  1. "SS-Tier" (Rating 9.8)
R-9.8;Melissa(Treasure Hunt):dark/physical attacker/has 5th highest base physical dmg,medium self-agility up buff,aoe blind debuff & very high dmg single target ultimate/can attack & cast ulti very fast due to having high agility/extremely broken combined with both iris & erika/very short skill cooldown:
 2. "S-Tier" (Rating 9.4-9.6)
R-9.6;Iris(Princess's Day Off):light/physical attacker/has aoe small physical dmg up buff,highest base physical dmg in the whole game,high dmg multiplier skills & very high dmg aoe ultimate/member of best physical only team/long skill cooldown:
R-9.6;Erika(Dancing Adventurer):fire/physical attacker/has high aoe physical dmg up buff,very high dmg single target non-elemental ultimate,6th highest base physical dmg & high dmg multiplier skills/member of best physical only team/very useful in arena:
R-9.5;Megumin(Nice Explosion!!):fire/magical attacker/has highest dmg aoe ultimate & 2nd highest base magical dmg in the whole game/can buff herself with magical dmg up & debuff enemies with magical def down/after using ulti once,she would be considered as dead/extremely broken combined with both yunyun & arue/has physical dmg type basic atk which is pretty bad on her due to having very high base magic dmg but low physical dmg/very useful in arena:
R-9.5;Cielo(Dancer Adventurer):wind/mixed supporter/has highest healing,physical,magical dmg up aoe ultimate in the whole game,6th highest base magical dmg & medium physical def up buff/has aoe bind dispel/member of both best physical & magical only teams:
R-9.5;Chris(Thief Flying Through the Air):wind/physical attacker/has very high aoe agility down,medium physical def down,bind debuffs,5th highest base physical dmg & high dmg non-elemental aoe ultimate/low stats except luck,agility & dexterity/short skill cooldown/useful in rank-up quests:
 R-9.4;Dust(Delinquent Adventurer):thunder/physical attacker/has 2nd highest base physical dmg,small physical defence down,aoe agility down debuffs & very high dmg non-elemental aoe ultimate/very useful in rank-up quests/member of best physical only team:
 3. "A-Tier" (Rating 8.7-9.2)
R-9.2;Yunyun(Megumin's Friend):light/magical attacker/has 3rd highest base magical dmg,small magical dmg up aoe buff & high dmg aoe ultimate/member of best magical only team:
R-9.2;Arue(Most Voluptuous Amongst the Crimson Demons):dark/magical attacker/has 4th highest base magical dmg,medium magical def down single target debuff & high dmg aoe ultimate/has low dexterity,health/very long skill cooldown/member of best magical only team:
R-9.1;Amy(Cheer Up):earth/magical supporter/has high magical dmg up,medium magical def up buffs & 2nd highest healing aoe ultimate,4th highest base magical dmg/has aoe bind dispel:
R-8.9;Rin(Orthodox Sorcerer):wind/magical attacker/has 7th highest base magical dmg,high physical def up aoe buff,medium magical def down single target debuff,small physical dmg down aoe debuff & high dmg aoe ultimate/has very high crit chance & short skill cooldown/member of best magical only team:
R-8.9;Mia(Mischievous Beast Girl):earth/physical attacker/has 4th highest base physical dmg,medium physical,magical def up buffs & high dmg aoe ultimate:
R-8.8;Mitsurugi(Chosen Hero):thunder/physical attacker/has very high dmg single target ultimate,3rd highest base physical dmg & high,small physical def up,heal aoe buffs/has very high health & physical def/high dmg multiplier skills but long skill cooldown:
R-8.7;Aqua(Nature's Beauty):light,water/physical attacker/has small aoe healing,medium physical attack up aoe buff & very high dmg single target ultimate/ulti does zero dmg towards frogs:
R-8.7;Aqua(A Toast to the Capital of Water & Hotsprings):light/physical attacker/has a medium aoe healing,one of the highest dmg aoe skill & very high dmg single target ultimate/has poison aoe dispel/ulti does zero dmg towards frogs:
 4. "B-Tier" (Rating 8.5-8.6)
R-8.6;Wiz(Ice Qween):water/magical attacker/has highest base magical dmg,small magical dmg up aoe buff & high dmg aoe ultimate/has self lifesteal buff on basic attacks/deals dmg towards her instead of healing whenever she gets healed by others except kazuma's ulti/can attack & cast ulti very slow due to having low agility/very long skill cooldown:
R-8.6;Lia(Dancer Adventurer):water/tank/can taunt/has high physical,magical def up buffs & refill medium ulti guage aoe ultimate/has aoe blind dispel:
R-8.5;Kazuma(Reincarnated Hikikomori):water/mixed attacker/has small physical dmg down aoe debuff,medium aoe healing & 2nd highest dmg single target non-elemental ultimate in the whole game/low stats except luck & dexterity:
R-8.5;Darkness(Overflowing With Delight):none/tank/can taunt/has self high physical,magical def up & medium physical def up aoe,self buffs/has high resistance to every elements except light & dark/has ultra-low accuracy:
R-8.5;Darkness(Get out of the Hotsprings Before You Faint!):none/tank/can taunt/has highest def in the whole game,small aoe healing,medium aoe physical,magical def up buff & high self physical,magical def ultimate/has ultra-low accuracy:
R-8.5;Cecily(Lover of Beautiful Girls):light/magical supporter/has very high magical def down,bind debuffs & medium aoe healing/low dmg multiplier skills/low versatility except in magic teams:
 A complete 4star tier list based on latest hotspring banner.I'll be updating this list whenever new version is out.That's all,folks.Thanks for taking ur precious time just to read this mountain of words.Have fun rerolling.
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