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TWICE: GO GO Fighting


Graphics- !!!!!!TWICE!!!!!!!!
Sound - !!!!!!TWICE!!!!!!
Gameplay - match more than 3 shape thingy more importantly, TWICE!
Storyline - TWICE!!!!
Value - Free, inapp purchases not necessary, but most important of all, TWICE!

Graphics isnt mindblowing but its very nice. Sound is great, its a taptapbeat thingy game thats a necessity. Gameplay, like i said, taptap music thingy, i like how they update regulary to try and add events and other stuff we could gain more ingame currency and such, very cool. there isnt a story, not necessary for this kind of games but i LOVE TWICE so imma rate it superb. Value, bru its free, inapp purchases isnt necessary i aint even started buying ingame currency buy i already got tons of limited edition card sets. 99 stars outta 10, TWICE FIGHTING!

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