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Indonesia Beta Tester
LightHikaru 21268231

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Indonesia Beta Tester
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audio voice : mandarin Lang. and bit english
multi server, so far 6 choice.
gameplay : typical idle, party 3 chara fix gender in early game, focus on 1 chara first until max level.
but can't multi raid.

stuck in loading over 10 minute [no][可憐] any solution?

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi


3 match game with grinding level dan skill.

gacha : rarely for free player, so expensive [可憐]

some monster can use as fusion material, and as result rarity up and back to level 1, choose wisely.

get point from :
1. killing monster
2. Health Point (HP), more HP more point

bug :
always log out every time clear hard "book" phase.

Magatsu Wahrheit | Global


here bug / error / miss list :
1. don't choose "Low" on graphic setting, it bug on download. safe choice on "Normal"
2. some translation on buff while battle still japanese.
3. maybe add later.

so its just tutorial? not actually game [no]

nostalgic still using old style turn base like on gameboy 😂

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downgrade genre from 3D survival sandbox become like this as sequel? hahahahahahah [no][no][no][no][no][no] Read Note
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