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i love this game! i never knew about it until YKW Sangokushi had a collab with GeGeGe no Kitaro. thats when i found out about it, PONOS was the one that worked on it which explains the Battle Cats feel to it, except the difference with No Kitaro and Battle Cats is that its WAAAAAAY more forgiving when it comes to its gold tickets, common currency, and the most important of all, the rare currency [開心]. i would definitely recommend this game for anyone that plays Battle Cats or are just wanting something to do for fun!

Yokai Watch World


look, you cant make a GO game unless its available in almost all languages, like, Pokemon Go.

Yo-kai Watch Land


im so happy that QooApp was able to get this game after it was permanently deleted along with wib wob forever, i dont have to download this one though because i own the original playstore one.[微笑]

I Love this game 100/10!!![開心][開心][開心]

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I am pretty surprised i got Shurabeard, but, i lost about 33K Y points, i HOPE the next event ISNT for the new Jibanyan because i have to save up until then Read Note
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