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Bringing you a real games review full of truth and unfiltered contents that you may find toxic because I'm not gonna sugar coating what I said.
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Bringing you a real games review full of truth and unfiltered contents that you may find toxic because I'm not gonna sugar coating what I said.
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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


Quite fun. Mostly same as their previous TW version.

A fun game with minor issue.

The first thing that gonna be amazed you from this game is their graphics quality. It's considered well made and they use the lightning and bloom really well compared to other 3D games (like eversoul or angel legion for example, they just slap bloom effect like add-on/extra stuff without real bounce adjustment, also angel legion is worse than eversoul). The 3D design is up to your personal preferences, i speak in term of technical perspective. One thing that kinda a let down is the outfit/costume we get or buy. Sadly we only able to use it on specific rarity and specific chara, instead of one chara but shareble rarity. So even if you have same SSR & SR chara, you can't use the outfit on both of them.

The story is kinda average honestly speaking, because it's about apocalyptic world with dangerous hazards and such, you know how it plays if you like watching or reading similiar sci-fi stuff. Someone diss me about not knowing the story even thought it's already written on their sites too & qooapp news. Long story short the world have chronic diseases and those treated have a chance to awaken new power & this game take place in virtual worlds made from that treatment system.

The gameplay is quite fun at first, easy but challenging. It's third person shooter and you can take a cover now (in beta you can't) but i don't really see the need to take a cover since you have better survival running around dodging bullet with roll. The normal running is feels a bit slow and the control on mobile is kinda akward. It's a bit hard to do certain move combination if you play on mobile without external controller. But it's really comfortable when you play on desktop version instead. Another downside is it get grindy real fast, so it only fun for a short period of time and get boring quickly because you keep doing same stuff over and over again. Also enemies CPU kinda dumb since you can cheese them, personally i don't find cover mechanism really useful so far. But i think it still depends on your personal preference.

The monetization, well, it looks generous but don't let it fool you. Like any other tencent games, the pricingnis quite expensive above average. They give you a lot of rewards at first, giving you a false sense of 'rewarding games'. It become p2w at the end considering the amount of dupe you need to upgrade your chara, materials drop from stage, and stamina system also the amount of free premium currency you can get later. The gacha rate is only 0.7% for SSR and they have 2 different banner for chara and weapon. So yeah depend on your luck it may be considered really bad rate.

So, sum it up, it's a well made game. It's fun and quite engaging, recommended to play if you like action especially shooter. Especially with a lot of good designed characters and weapons. Don't hesistate to try it if you're interested, just remember about the downside of this game so far.

Archeland | Japanese


Can't log in.

Perfect name for crap game. This game gameplay creativity is 404 and need a reset too, or better yeet it lol.

Graphics is, not like i have a problem with it since it's have their own uniqueness. But the biggest problem is this game graphics and overal visual is really dangerous for health reason. You can trigger a seizures on people easily with all this "glitchy" RGB and non stop flashing lights. In fact people who have this kind of health issue already said so about this game.

Story, just read the news from qooapp about this game concept. already sum it up.

Gameplay, is it even exist? This game is supposed to be a bullet hell game but you can turn on auto and it already play way much better dodging all bullet than you expected. Just watch low quality 3D playing this messy gameplay.
All feature is a generic gacha games too.

Gacha rate is 2% for highest rarity so it's not FGO tier yet but there's more into it. Besides gacha chara you need to gacha 'figure', it's like an equipment that give your chara a stats boost. That must stuff you need to get and their free gems is really hard to get. 1500 gems for 1 multi and you only get 5 gems from each cleared stages and another 5 gems from each progress mission rewards. I play for hours and still can't get enough to do another 1 multi besides from 1500 gems they give as prereg rewards.

Tl;dr this game exist just for sucking all player money and insulting all sega's game ip in the process. Not even worth to try.



Finally a new and good game from XFLAG. It's stack the block, tower like puzzle games, You need to keep stacking block as high as you can to deal demage to monster. Surprisingly it feel fresh and fun to play if you like this kind of game.

The gacha rate for highest rarity (3*) is 3%, not that bad considering there's other game that have worst rate. Also we get a lots of gems easily from game and a big amount of gems from their daily log in for a week, as part of their launch celebration.

The game is quite chill and not very demanding for you to invest a lot of time playing it. It have PvP too and honestly it's not bad, fun enough to compete with your skill with puzzle games.

While the graphic and character design might not for all people taste, it's still a good, solid, and fun games to play. Really recommend it for anyone who interested with this game, to at least try playing it a bit.

Engage Kill


Another predatory and broken games from Square Enix. Good for them for always being consistent.



is this the same version as in playstore?

Cadria Item Shop


It's decent i think.



Graphic is good and it's really polished also optimized for mobile. Playing the games and navigating through menus feels smooth and comfortable.

Although the gameplay itself is just stage shooter/bullet hell, which is good too if you're into action since we can change the camera view into third person shooter or top down but kinda tedious for a long run play. Playing it manually is better than auto since the AI kinda suck at speedrunning stage and dodge, which is a requirement for 3* stage too (race against time). At least we can skip a stage instantly if we already clear it before which is really helpful for daily grind.

No comment on gacha, the rate is 1.5% for SSR and to be honest I didn't pull any gacha till now besides the guaranteed one from tutorial. But i don't find it hard or necessary to keep pulling gacha since I'm still able to progress throughout the game just fine which is good.

Someone already reviewed it with more details, about gacha and upgrading stuff. So I'm not gonna repeat it since tl;dr it just usual collect mats and upgrade level etc.

Recommended to try and play if you're into action, shooter and mecha. The design is cool, the game is very optimized, which is enjoyable and comfortable to play.

Perfect Grind


Another entry from Noodlecake Studio. As you can see from the picture, this is skateboard game.

The gameplay is quite simple yet challenging, you are doing all maneuver and tricks using swipe, hold and combination of both. How they introduce you to the game and how to play it also fun, they explained it briefly yet easy to grasp, then they give you challenge to do this and that. Not much story going on.

The graphic is quite simple too but it's interesting and fit the theme in general, it's skate mobile games with fun vibes. Mostly, I don't have any problem personally, but i think they can add a bunch of stuff and npc on map to make it more alive.

The last part is what annoy me personally, it's free to play but limited. If you not buying the full version, which is around 3 bucks, you will see an ads pop up and play the ads video out of nowhere, while you still playing or in the middle of doing tricks. This is kinda intrusive since it's happen quite regularly every few minutes. Also you only able to play 1 mission on career mode after tutorial if you doesn't buy the full version and only have free run mode besides career mode while the rest of content is locked.

Overall, I recommend you guys to play and buy full version of this game if you have spare pocket money, or at least try this game a bit, especially if you like skate game. Because it's actually a fun skate game despite what it looks like at a glance. It's perfect as a side games since it doesn't force you to constantly playing the game or log in everyday.



They should change the title into Infinity Error or Infinity Loading, etc.

It's amazing all those reviewer able to give it 5* in the first place with sus video content lmao.

I can't even try to review it properly because it keep stuck on infinity loading after prologue. I also notice a lot of people here and outside of qooapp complaining several stuff that happened with the game.

Maika Fantasia


Need to say this first, if you get offended easily, stop reading this review right now.

Second, if you still going to read my review, I need to apologize first if my review end up offended you or any fans of this idol.

Gameplay is usual rhythm game, nothing new here. But this game difficulty is so easy in my opinion. It's more harder to not get perfect in this game compared to other rhythm games.

Music and sounds, honestly I don't know at all who they are. Personally, they just sounds like average singers at best and their music too. I'm quite picky about music and i like idols too, but this one is simply sounds average or sounds like some underground idols. So, I'm really sorry about this one if it ended up offending anyone who like it. It just a matter of personal taste.

Graphics, it feels outdated like a mobile games that released around 2017 or so. UI/UX also quite simple and nothing fancy, simply just feels like outdated games because the graphic quality also average at best. Even the illustration quality is kinda normal, even though personally speaking it's kinda weird on their overal proportion like body, head, how they took the angle, etc.

Story, it's your usual idol story troupe where you end up as a manager for idol agency. Then you need to guide your idol to become a top idol. I guess if you're a fans of idol games, you will know how it goes.

Gacha for the first time (not to be mistaken for tutorial gacha) is quite nice, they give you free 1 multi gacha with infinite chance to reroll and you can get more than 1 SSR. So you can aim for your favourite. SSR rate is 5%, although it looks high, when i rerolling on that first time gacha, it's really hard to get SSR. Maybe it's just my luck so I'm not gonna comment more on this. Also 1 multi here cost 3000 gems.

Overall the game is just feels like a simple rhythm game, albeit outdated it still feels quite nice to play. Personally speaking it just not my cup of tea. Maybe some of you here gonna like the game and this group of idol. I don't see any reason to not to try this game, especially if you like rhythm and idols. Just install it and try it, maybe you will end up like this game or not, just a matter of personal taste.

That's all stuff I want to cover and sorry again if I end up offending any fans of this idols. Thanks for reading till the end.

Time for honest review that people might find it toxic. Stop reading if you can't handle a diss. But if you wanna know more, keep on reading.

As much as i hate Square Enix, i should say this game is actually amazing. Amazingly shit bcs they just reskin To Aru Imaginary Fest. That alone should explain the gameplay and all other stuff if you already tried To Aru before.

Let's be honest here, Square Enix being bad at handling their game is pretty much a well known fact. But to make things fair, i tried the game for several hours so i can confirm this reskin game and explain to you all who never tried To Aru before.

Gameplay is nothing special, it just auto turn base gacha game. You can just tap auto and watch the battle play out themselves. But that's not all, they put new wonderful feature on it unlike on To Aru. It's wonderfully stupid and useless at the same time, they have auto progress stage on story mode. Yes, auto progress, just tap it and the game will start playing VN part of the story then continue to battle stage, auto play battle, finish it, then going on again on next stage, all by themselves. You can just hands off from the game and ditch it, and yet, it's still stupid bcs this feature gonna stop at some points like tutorial or changing chapter. So if you don't pay attention, you prob waste your time more bcs the game stopped auto play in the midde.

Graphics is surprisingly good and smooth especially on good device, bcs there's barely any stuff to be animated. Especially on the enemies side, they just mostly become a ragdoll waiting their fate. Again, it's like reskinned To Aru, the UI/UX, how they just put no effort and slap colored square on chara and call it elemental properties, the ultimate animation and such.

Gacha have 2 things that you need to gacha, battle unit and assist card, both in the same pool/1 pool. Unit is 3% rate and assist is 2%. Quite normal and not bad honestly, 1 multi gonna cost you 3000 gems and you get enough to do 1 multi pull from pre reg rewards. How bad the gacha is or not, expensive or not etc is back to your own opinion, so i'm not gonna say anything about it, bcs it's money value for each person.

There's no noteable feature in this game, on shop you can buy chara or assist using shards or it's called coins here, which you can grind in games and from game event. It's quite a letdown probably if you're a huge fan of Mahouka yet already tried Imaginary Fest before. But if you are completely new and have no idea about that To Aru games, you may enjoy it quite a bit. At least till Square Enix mess up their game again.

Overall games just feel like a quick cashgrab using popular title and just for statisfying their fandom. They may like it or not, it's back to each individual. Personally i still able to recommend people to try it, especially for those who like the series. But you better play it as a side games with low time investment.

That's all from me, sorry not sorry if you get offended. Bcs this is how i review games, better than sugar coating all stuff and slap random 5* or 1*.

Sin Chronicle


If you easily offended over the fact, skip my review. I write based on what i experienced, info i get, and what happen from the other players without filtering my words.

Is the game fun? Yes but with a catch that you need to know before playing.

Start with the important part, perfomance issue. If your phone not a flagship phone, you will having a hardtime enjoying the game bcs even with low setting, the game will lag or stutter. Heck, some phone won't able to enter the game and just stuck at black loading screen. Also an info i heard, you can't play on emulator like bluestack bcs the game detect it as illegal access.

Even thought the art is good, the poorly optimization is questionable too, the game running so heavy. When I test on all max graphic, with good device it running smoothly yet all their 3D assests is not even high quality, a bit stiff animation and sometimes jagged 3D assets.

The gameplay is somewhat good to certain degree, but it just give you a false sense of freedom and action, because you just move in a 3D dungeon that cover a really small area. Then the battle in which you able to move and choose your action ala nier mobage but at the end you just gonna turn on auto and 3x speed when you unlock those feature. The "action" scheme is kinda pointless to me, bcs it just another turn base gacha games. You just need to pick which target and your action. That's all.

Another problem is their grind, you only able to lvl up through stages and this is the start of your nightmare (unless you able to play non stop somehow like a neet), the exp gain per stage is not that big, even though you have skip ticket to instantly farm the stages that you already cleared with 3* result, the skip tix you have is just a few and very limited. Mostly it coming from 3* stage clearance rewards, which is again annoying bcs they deliberately put a monster way much stronger than you on some stages, even have a tutorial to just avoid it and revisit the stage later so you can defeat it. Hence naking you unable to 3* the stages and miss the rewads. I will stop here about gameplay bcs the rest is just another typical gacha games feature and another hellish grind stuff.

The story is what they are trying to sell, it branched and you choose your own fate about the flow of the story and how it roll, like what they already advertised. This is a unique part for me, since it make you think about the consequences of your choice. (And the fact that most of you can't read japanese so you get confused more.) Overall, the story is good for me and interesting even though it just you usual shounen fantasy story plot.

Their monetization tho, typical Sega. It worse, the drop rate is not as worse as FGO. 3* unit as highest rarity is 2% rate, but 1 pool of banner is mixed with fairy, a support unit which also have their own rarity.
Important part here, there's no spark or pity for F2P. Sparks (or coin gacha exchange for rate up chara if you don't know), only available for PAID GEMS pull and 1 spark cost 140 coin (14 multi) or so, I already forgot. So just count all those money just to spark 1 unit that prob overcreeped in the future. So as F2P, go crying or just suck it up if you get a bad pull result. Please correct me if I get this part wrong.

Gems also hard to get, the most gems you get is only from missions and log in. Even the pre reg rewards only give you 800 gems and you need to grind your ass for the rest because 1 multi cost 1500 gems. They give yellow tix called story tix but the first 2 tix you get is fixed result as part of the tutorial and story. You can get 1 multi tix that guaranteed 3* unit, but again you need to grind your ass off to clear all mission to claim it.

Overall it's fun to play games, I personally like the game and their arts, just don't get too serious over it and better get a good device to play it if any of you wanna play this game. Because the game will overheat and draining battery so fast even on mid-end device.

Good game for those who want to play but have little time to invest. The story in game is a sequel from anime. So just watch the first season anime before complaining bcs this is part of multimedia project, some games also did that move.

May be boring for other people who want to have a more complex playing experiences, bcs you can go full auto and just watch the match playing itself. Pretty much just like vivid eleven, you only play to collect chara, do some match, raise their lvl and skill to beat harder stage, repeat.

In short, pretty good if you just want to play chill bishoujo game.

Cyber Honey


Battle Diva: Slay Mecha remake lmao
Still sucks tho.

Iddle game with a plot twist.👀

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


Welcome to super short review, as short as this game life.
Graphic: Mediocre ps2 era games
Sound: I don't even pay attention to it
Gameplay: usual turn base gacha game
Storyline: I skip all of it, just go watch the anime or something.
Value: Not even SR is guaranteed on gacha, 1 chara have multiple version for each element.
Summary: Another Square Enix crap, just play other game. You won't regret missing this game.



This is my review based on my playtime since server open at 12JST till i'm stuck/run out of stamina, so around 3 hrs or more of playtime. (Sorry for this long a*s thesis btw. Lol)

While the overall graphics is good, it's not as good as what I expected. Considering how good their key visual and promotional art. It just decently looking good albeut a bit clunky at some animation. Also all the movement is just almost basic and the skill animation quality is not smooth either. Maybe you think the problem is my phone, but the game doesn't have a graphic setting feature. Which is a huge problem for most people since the game is kinda spec demanding.

I really appreciate they do all the voice over for all scene, story, etc. Also you can choose wether to download all voice or not. So you can save more space on your storage. For the music itself, again, not as good as I expected. It's nice to hear, they give it a touch of classical instrument and arrangement, but not really standout either which is kind of a let down for me. None of it make me impressed.

Just your usual turn base gacha game. You either like it or get bored of it. Nothing special at all, all things in the game is just so basic that you don't need to know about japanese to know what you do. Which is good and worse at the same time. Bcs all you do is just turn on that auto play and 2x simce start of tutorial, watch you win the stage, grind materials for lvl up, lvl up artifacts, lvl up skill card, back to story again, grind event. Just your usual boring grind stuff on gacha game. Also there's some graphical bug where the enemies picture not showing up on screen and some text goes missing/all white when I play on 2x speed on chapter 2. Also the biggest letdown is the event, you need earth elemental chara but the game not even give 1 for free either from newbie reward or story, so you need to keep pulling those gacha hoping for an earth chara, else you can get f**ked up by the event or goodluck spending all your time grinding your a*s considering how low the stamina pool and it took a while to get enough stamina to play some stages.

I won't explain it too much, if you watch the anime, you will know what is it about. This game is just the continuation from that anime, so the main point of the story is pretty much still the same.

They put chara and skill card on the same pool, which is not good at all considering how hard to get gems in game. For chara there's no rarity but you still need the dupe to limit break your chara skill lvl. For skill card to equip on your chara, the highest rarity is 4* and both chara and 4* card drop rate is 3%. You think that's high? Then pray to Lady Fortuna that your way of thinking is true. My only 4* card right now is from the free 4* tix they give as newbie rewards and no chara at all from 30 pulls (free 10 tutorial pulls included). Again, you need to get all dupe you can to limit break the card skill lvl. Also important to notice, the skill card have their own elemental and weapon attribute. For weapon attribute you only able to equip it to the chara with same weapon attribute. So good luck trying to get a right one. Another thing I need to tell you is 1 multi pull cost 3000 gems and you need 150 pulls to get spark, but this is where the bullshit start. Your spark is choose between chara tix or 4* skill card tix, but both of them is random result. So you spark for ticket that only give you random result. You either happy or rage quit the game after spending all your gems/money for that kind of spark. Lmao.

While the game is not as good as what I expected, it's not bad either. Only recommended if you bored enough with all your old game and just want to try new game, or maybe you have a waifu/husbando you like on the game. But personally I don't recommend to invest too much time and money on this game and just have fun playing the game as a time waster. So if you like the visual and grindy game is your thing, go ahead and give this game a try.

Thanks for reading.

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Minor Improvement I notice this game have some minor improvement from TW version, also new chara. They need to give us more event and better management or else it gonna die again. Read Note
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