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Your ordinary Japanese pop culture lover. Sharing my anime art/wallpaper collection and sometimes game review (that i found interesting).
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Your ordinary Japanese pop culture lover. Sharing my anime art/wallpaper collection and sometimes game review (that i found interesting).
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Blue Sky Fantasy


The tag is not lying when it said idle mmorpg. In short, this game is one of those auto mmorpg. You only need to watch the game playing itself, from moving, taking quest, auto equip etc. The only important thing you need to do yourself is buy all those premium from shop. Also, they have 82 server so far.

It's not my cup of tea, but it will be unfair if i give a low rating because of that reason so i give it 3 for neutral rating. (not good not bad)



This game is a huge insult to the main franchise. Who the hell agreed to make this shit. It's not worth to review at all, even other cash grab game is doing better than this shit. But i still gonna give you guys a quick review as to why not to play this game.

Graphic, while the main illustratin is good, the rest is low quality production. Even the rest of the cards barely have a proper illustration. When i said barely, they just use wixoss logo or text as cards illustration for most basic cards.

Sound, no voice at all (unless i'm missing something) and only have a few bgm and sfx that keep looping.

Gameplay, you think it will follow the newest wixoss rules? NOPE, it's mix between card game and battle rpg. Destroying all opponents life cloth doesn't mean you win the battle, you need to destory their LRIG too. (hp reach 0) Also you can just turn it auto if you don't care about gameplay at all and the UI/UX feels sluggish.

Storyline, original storyline but at that rate i don't even give a care anymore. Your usual something weird happen, a shadow/darkness corrupting all LRIG and you need to save wixoss land. Also they have skip feature but you can't skip at all.

Value, you will get 1 free card from tutorial gacha which is shit, and only can pull 2 more cards from premium currency as a pre reg rewards or something. which is also shit anyway. The rest? ofc it's expensive af. Either you buy the card directly using real money or still paying for premium to buy 10 cards pack.

Overall, even for a fans or just cash grab, this game just a huge disappointment and no need to bother with this one. You will save a lot of time to play other good game. I have a few screenshot and will post it on notes.

I will make it short:
Graphics, it's good at least they put some effort to animated it but not great either. Reuse some cutscene from anime too for skill cutscene.

Sounds, just okay nothing worth mentioning. Some bgm is the same as anime too.

Gameplay, generic turn base game with auto atk where you only need to tap the skills. Your usual game from anime/manga/LN adaptation. Also daily mats stages is available once a day only.

Story, exactly the same as anime S1. Nothing more than that in general. Just skip it and read the manga/LN or watch the anime instead, you won't miss anything.

Gacha, depend on your luck. The rate for 5* is 3% but you need dupe for limit break the lvl. While the game itself seems generous with a bunch of gems and tickets to 5* gacha at beginning, don't get mislead by it. You will suffer at later stage.

Overall, you can skip it unless you're a big fan of the franchise.

Warau Ars Notoria


Full of bug, often crash or freeze when playing any stages. Also the free daily summon is buggy too? I'm able to pull that 1 free pull per day 3 times everytime my game freezing or force closed.

Assault Lily Last Bullet


Edit: I think they fix it already with the latest patch. The game is good now.

Playing this since the server open till now, trying to log in because this game is full of bug. Either i keep stuck at battle or unable to log in. Will fix the review later if they patch the bugs. Almost unplayable, the more you progress (i'm at chapter 5) the more those bugs keep reappearing.

Edit 2: Somehow i can play this game without vpn now, already trying it without vpn for 3 days. It's a good news, maybe SEGA already dropped the region lock.

Edit: Thanks for Ken Wong, i can log in using express vpn. Also, for you guys who need help with navigating the menus, check out notes by Leo Lionhart for menu translation guide.

The graphic is really good for me, they're using full animated 3D mix with VN style for story and still have that "Sakura Wars" style+vibe. You can expect a good art and animation (for mobile game) like what you see on their promotional pics/video. The UI also easy to navigate, pretty much straight forward telling you what each menu is used for.

The gameplay is quite simple, turn base battle and the arena is divided by 5 lane, this lane will determine your posisition between enemies and atk range. The game will show you an indicator if your atk range will reach the enemies or not and you can step back for defense/stay out from enemies. Also they have an elemental mechanics too. The animation for special atk when the gauge full is also good, it's in 3D.

The gacha is mediocre for me. The mix of chara pool with "amulet". Rate for 5* chara is 3% while amulet is 6%. Think of amulet as a equip to boost your chara stats, each amulet have different effect. Also, you need a dupe to limit break your chara, i don't find any otherway so far.

The rest of the features is nothing new, you can lvl up your chara, lvl up skill, lvl up amulet, limit break. Also you can change your chara's costume and increase their affection towards you. There's a stamina system, but i don't find it really annoying tbh. The waiting time is not really that long, just focus on main story first and you can do the rest of the quest later.

Overall, it's a good game for Sakura Wars entry, just ignore the bad part about region lock and the need to use vpn. A must try game if you like gacha game with turn base battle, a good visual almost full with 3D and eye catching art, also a smooth gameplay with straight forward tutorial so you can playing this game easily.

If you know SINoAlice, this game is basically SINoAlice reskined as Tanya the Evil. Someone already mentioned it on notes.

Personally it's hard to review, since i'm looking forward for this game and yet this game turn out to be the exact copy of SINoAlice (I'm playing this game years ago). So i will just review how the gameplay and features goes for those who never play/see SINoAlice.

This game, if i would say, is a typical "old" style social mobile game in japan. It's grindy, but the stamina system is quite good and you level up really quickly.

The game is turn base and you can play real time with strangers or your friends. You attack using all the weapon you set for your characters and you only can setup a weapon which is useable with your chara class (like medic, etc). You can get all those weapon from gacha. The battle pace is kinda slow for me, playing one stage already take a few minutes unles you can 1 hit kill all the enemies.

The rest of the features is nothing special, you can lvl up your characters, weapon, limit break it and upgrade the skill. The gacha rate is 2.5% for SS rarity and you get free 11 pull from tutorial + another 11 pull ticket from pre-regist rewards.

Overall, if you like Tanya the Evil or playing social game then this game is worth a try. But if you hate grindy stuff and gacha oriented game, you might need to reconsider playing this game. It's fun to play but it's get boring real quick since you only repeating the same stuff.

Rhythm game with fantasy theme. This will be a really long review, so thank you if you decide to read it and sorry if it takes too long.

Almost nothing new here if you already try playing several rhythm game, since the UI is easy enough to navigate. It's simple and easy to use. But, what makes this game unique or unusual is there's a 2 way to play the game. "PICK STYLE" and "HUG STYLE".

Pick style is the same as another rhythm game, you tap/hold/swipe the notes when it reach the judgement line. You can choose between a 5 line and 7 line notes, the difficulty range from easy, normal, hard, expert.

Hug style is new for me, i don't know if there's any rhythm game with this same gameplay or not, but this one is the first for me. How to play this mode is you only need to hold the judgment line and slide your thumb/finger/whatever you use to play, to exactly where the notes fall, from start to the end that's he only thing you need to do instead of tapping. This mode is the easiest imo, range from easy, normal and hard. No expert for this style. This mode is a big plus for me, since this is a first time i'm playing rhythm game like this, which is very fun.

Another interesting part is you can give a headpat after Live, so far it's happen randomly for me, i don't know if it's really random or have a certain condition to trigger it.

The music, i really like it, it's enjoyable and interesting. They also have a wide range of genre (kinda), i hope more good song will be added in the near future since all of their music is nice to hear.

The story, honestly i only read some at the beginning and skipping the rest of it since i tend to reread the story later when i have a lot of time. In general, it's almost have the same vibe as those other idol rhythm game but this one have fantasy theme on it.

The visual, i like the color pallete, it's colorful and not overusing graphical elements which make it simple, yet contrast and vibrant. The only minus thing for me is, the art style for characters. Since this game keeping the artstyle from each artist as it is instead of going into one direction of artstyle, each characters have a different style which i found kinda out of place and feels inconsistent at some part like story.

Also this game doesn't have a Live2D and even though the quality is good, compared to other idol game, this game is just feels good but not have that "Wow" feels when you looking at the visual.

The gacha, honestly i want to say the gacha is bad, but maybe i just unlucky. The reason is, highest rarity is 4* with 2.5% chance and 3* with 9%. But getting a 3* is already hard enough that it doesn't feel like 9% drop chance but lower, well you can get at least 1 3* with 10 pull which cost you 2500 gem. The good part is you get a free 10 pull from tutorial with infinite chance to reroll the gacha.

Overall, this game have a good quality for a rhythm game and i don't have any technical issues either even on highest graphic setting. The music is good and navigating through the game or playing feels really smooth. Maybe not all people like the theme and music, but for me this game is worth a try. Especially for those rhythm and music lovers.



Open beta till 7 Dec. No premium shop for OBT so i fill the value as N/A.

Let's start from the visual, for me the visual is really good. As you can expect from im@s game, the card illustration, chibi chara, even the idol visual design is good. I like the color scheme and art direction for this one, simple yet colorful. Also the UI design is easy to navigate.

The gameplay is similiar like all of those match 3 (or more), so if you ever play that kind of game, you can play this one easily. They have a tutorial that easy to follow too, so don't be afraid about can't read japanese. The only different is you can make a "Loop link" with the same color, so you make a "circle" with your link, this method will net you a bigger score and getting a kagayaki (sparkle) inside those circle to fill a special bar that will drop a crystal to perform an unit appeal once you tap it.

Now i will tell a bit about the unit and idol management, you make a unit with 3 idol, give a name for those unit, set the skill and accessories for the idol to increase the score, you can also change their costume and stuff related but currently not available for OBT. You can also lvl up the idol faster through training (exp from live play is kinda small). To increase the rarity of the idol you get (from 1* to 7*) you need a dupe (will break into fragments when you get one) and some gold.

There's a stamina system, 1 live cost you 1 stamina. The refill time for 1 stamina is 30 mins. You only have max 10 stamina (at least so far i don't see an increase in stamina max cap when you rank up). To rank up your account lvl, you need to perform a "Popmas Fes" l, basically just a live with some challenge like reach a certain score. Also 1 live is only last 60 sec, so you need to think and react really fast to get a bigger score. The only exception is if you using a gem for getting an item to increase the time limit each time you play.

Overall, this im@s is quite refreshing. You don't need a lot of time to play for each session which is perfect if you're busy with irl stuff but still want to enjoy playing im@s and if you don't really care about being competitive. I will deffinitely playing this game again after the full release.



This review is based on my opinion, so i don't intend to make anyone offended with my review.

Honestly, this game is not really as good as we hoped for, they better keep focusing on their VN instead of making this game.

The gameplay, it's similiar like FGO in term of battle. This game is a mix between VN and Social gacha game, you need to battle through the main quest in order to unlock the VN stories chapter. Honestly the battle is so boring and slow even with 2x speed, the auto is not really good either. All the stories is not even fully voiced.

You will hit the grind wall really fast, only took you first 3 main quest before you having a hard time to clear stages quickly because you need to gather exp materials for lvl up. The difficulties spike is not balanced at all, it's not like you will keep dying but the enemies hp/def is too high that the battle keep dragging out. So it's impossible to achieve 3* clear stage without grinding your chars lvl.

The gacha rate for 5* is 6%, surprisingly high. But those rate is shared between Char card and Scene card (think of it like sub card to boost your char card when equipped). But my luck is not really that great today, so i only got 1 5* Scene card from 30x pull + all those free gacha tickets and tutorial gacha.

The visual is really good imo, more or less the same quality like their VN game.

Overall, this game just feels like a quick cash grab. Looking at how they trying to copying some aspects from FGO and really slow paced gameplay. On top of that they slam you to the grind wall at the very start before you can fully enjoyed the game. (You can solve all of those problem with money ofc). For me, i'm gonna stick with their VN games instead of this one. Feel free to try this game if you're a fans of Grisaia, just don't expect to much.

That's all, thanks for reading.

My review is based on playing this game for 1 day to make sure i can grasp all the gameplay and how this game goes. This review will be a long one.

The Gameplay:
As we can see in the tag, this is an idle game. But this game is not your usual tap idle game. You need to progress through stages manually and watch the automatic battle. The idle part is, you can claiming a resource like gold, exp, equipment, etc that keep generating every min while you playing even when you're offline. The amount is depend on your current stage progress.

Game Modes:
Nothing new here, just your usual arena, daily dungeon for resources, "trial tower" where you climbing through floor beating all enemies for quick big reward. Also, some other familiar features like guild and such.
One thing that i need to note is the rank up system for your characters. In this game, all the characters is upgradeable from lower grade (N) to higher grade (SR). You can combine the same char with same grade for 1 higher grade of those char or using different char with same grade for another char with higher grade. So it doesn't matter what your gacha result is, since you can still get an SR from rank up. All the characters here have an N grade upto SR grade version.

The Visual:
Just normal, not great but nod bad either. But it quite nice to see, especially when the skill animation appear. Kinda flashy for an idle game, so it nice too look at when you get bored.

For now, the game is quite generous at giving you reward and you can get 1 gacha ticket everyday from daily quest. For the gacha itself, the rate is 5% for SR and you can select upto 2 chars for raising their drop chance. Not bad considering how most gacha game today have a bad drop rate. All the premium packages they sell is also cheap imo, they have a battle pass too. The reward is only gem for gacha tho. Also they have vip system, but you can get those vip exp from clearing main mission.

Good game to play when you need a quick break from your daily activities. Easy to navigate even for people who can't read japanese. So far it's not p2w, just don't expect too much for game quality and graphic since it just an idle game. That's all and thank you for reading.

This review is based on a few hours of playing.
I will mention it first, this is DMM games. Some people might know about this already, how bad they monetize their games. Also the 18+ ver is on DMM website/app, just google it. I won't post the link here.

In this game, theres is a paid and free premium currency. If you paid with money, you're guaranteed with 5* rarity and any other benefit for whaler. There's a few banner for gacha like 6 or 7.
If this aspect is your biggest concern, stop reading now and don't play this game.

Now the visual, it's average tbh. I think some people doesn't like the visual but i kinda like it, reminds me of those old fantasy theme jrpg. They have that classic look and colour paletes but not outdated either.

The stamina system, for me it's quite bad. At start you have 50 stamina. But the story quest alone already using 10 stamina per quest. So you need to wait till full after 5 quest. Tho, the stamina cap is increased when you rank up you account level.

The gameplay, to explain it in the easiest and simple way, it's kinda like priconne (not really but you have the general idea how it plays). That kind of game where the char is moving attacking the monster and you just need to tap the char portrait for skill. You can use full auto too. Now the difference is this game has 2 set of team, 1 team of 5 for atk and 1 team of 5 for "Orchestra". This orchestra team is a support team, giving various buff, debuff or dmg enemies when you use orchestra skill (setup max 3 skill).

The feature, more or less the same as other waifu game. Lvl up, limit break, lvl up skill, equipment, raise up the affection with all chars, and something like potential/stats node. It's quite easy to navigate all those menu, the way they do things is kinda straightforward so you won't have a hard time figuring things out. Except the fact that if you want to read things but doesn't understand japanese ofc.

That's all for my review, sorry it takes too long and thanks for reading.

엔젤 사가


Always stuck at loading screen. Is this a game problem or what? If someone know how to fix it, plase tell. Or else i won't change my rating and keep it as unplayable.

If being competitive with money is your thing, then this game is a perfect match for you.
It will put your money on the line, who will run out of money first, you or the other player.

Ofc you can ignore all the premium stuff if you don't mind losing again and again at higher tier.

There's no story and the gameplay is very simple.
If you need to take a quick break and want to play a game at the same time. You can try this one.

So this game is a puzzle game like you can see on the pic. Either you like it or not, it's up to your preferences. I won't review more on this part since there's not much to review for gameplay aspect.

The visual, they're using 3D model for story, puzzle mode and at home screen which is good. The HUD is quite neat for me, easy to navigate.
For me, the cons is they're just using a cutscene from anime for character card. I expect more of good quality card illustration but in reality they just reusing the scene from anime.

The feature, there's a photo mode and heroine profiles. Not much you can do with it, but still quite fun to see all the heroine moving in 3D.

The gacha, well a quick cash grab to be honest. While we know it's up to your luck, they're also selling a guaranteed 5* with real money. Not to mention a season pass for more reward as you lvl up those season pass.

Last is perfomance issues, i think there's too much loading time each time you navigate through the game. Also in VN part, it takes a while for changing from one scene to another. At least that's what happen to me. Idk about other player.

D4DJ Groovy Mix


It's basically just a Bandori with a new DJ gimmick for gameplay. But that doesn't mean it's bad, the visual is really good, design chars is good, and the music too.
But that's just my personal taste.
You will get free 10 gacha pull from tutorial, another 10 pull + 1 4* guaranted gacha ticket from gift.

Now the problem is, I can't log in using wifi and need to use jpn vpn. I don't know if it just me or other having the same issues.
Another problem is, there's a lag when playing. Getting worse in medley, like a sudden 1-2 sec note skip. I don't know if its a bug or what, i don't think its a graphic problem either since it keep appearing regardless of the settings. That problem is ruining my experience of playing this game.

My review is based on my experience while playing, so it may vary with others. If someone have the same issues or know how to fix it, please let me know in comment, so other people can see it too.

I won't review the gacha part since it's up to your own luck, but 1 think i could say about it is the rate quite good and you can farm the "ticket" for gacha everyday. (2-5/day)

The gameplay is easy to follow, the battle, in basic is quite similiar with Princess Connect. You can auto farm too. It has a "kinda" idle system thing, where you get acc exp, money, and lvlup resource for shipfu every mins. The more stage (it's called port in this game) you cleared, the higher the income for those resource.

The rest of the feature is quite similiar to AL/GF i think, you can create new shipfu with special resource, pvp, expedition, dormitory and create equip.

Now, the coolest part is you can "evolve" your ship into abyssmal version (ghost) and the visual art is really cool+amazing.

While the gameplay itself is quite decent and fun. This game is having a rocky launch and still have a bug that will make you stop playing and waiting for the dev to fix it. So yeah, I can't write more about this game because of those bug.

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