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Live 2D is my love, Sean is Bae. I cannot stand the kind of Otome games where you gotta purchase tickets, gems in order to go forward😭😤
Dialogue is cliche and predictable, but thats the fun about otome games..

Wouldve liked to see Sean's happy end, but I dont have funds to invest in a game that takes so much time to move on one darn chapter...

boo hoo..

Otome Yusha


Will never know when this game will reopen. It's been down for quite the time (/ □ \) boohoo
I love the bunny husbando. Gameplay is easy enough to understand and I just love skinship time. thats all lol 😆

Errrrrgggg! This hurt my soul so bad _(:3 」∠ )_
Words can't describe how much I love Sei lol
The story is simple, sweet, and bittersweet at the end. Great casual play and clothing is so fun to dress him up in.

Food Fantasy | English


So sad that the Japanese version is down ;-;
Says that it's going under maintenance but hasn't been up since.
Playing this version now and sad that partial Japanese voices are showing after the download. Oh well... it's fun but I had to start over lol. (All my summons)
Still recommend to play though 👌

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