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Like Epic7, but without the awful rng gear system. I have all but 9 units so far, so gatcha is pretty decent, esp from a ftp aspect. Reroll isnt terrible if you want to shoot for a certain unit in the main gacha. Rerolled for Valentine for a while and decided to settle with Saeran. Chose Maxwell from the selective summon... he's basically Vildred and can rush you through the early stages. Upgrading and leveling units is slightly tedious as you can only run the gold\exp\upgrade stages twice a day, each. Plenty of content\game modes to keep busy with.
All in all, definitely looking forward to the future of this game.



It's okay....gameplay is meg. Character design, art, and animation\effects are good.

GrandChase | Global


cool isometric rpg. nice designs for characters and stages.

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