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Soft QWQ
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I've been playing it since it first came out, it's beautiful and saves you the cards of the first version of Ensemble Stars.

Wish Stone - Nonogram


One of my favorite nonogram game, I like it so much and it's so underrated[大哭]

Probably, this is the only female idol game I like it, good sound music, good gameplay and cute gacha card, I like it a lot.

Somnus : Nonogram


This game relax me, Most importantly I like the storyline of the game and the monogram system, I like the cute story of the Teddy bear knight.

Disney Twisted Wonderland


I like the idea of villain Disney in this game, good job, good music and cute character, I want the third chapter of the story. [開心]

The game itself is perfect, but please remove some bugs because it is impossible to play.[大哭]

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


I have never seen an indie game, which attracted me so much both in gameplay and graphics, the puzzles were a bit too simple, for the extra stories you had to continually play by squeezing the ads which is annoying.

Identity V | Global


In this game I don't think there are graphic flaws or bugs, but I didn't get along well with the game camera because when you run away from the hunter, it takes another direction instead of the one I'm taking, In general the game is beautiful.[色色]

I like this version of Enstars, the gameplay is a bit difficult but you can get used to it and remember that of LoveLive! and Bandori, the only flaw is that the video in which the characters dance is not compatible with the old version of Androids[大哭]

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