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Night of the Full Moon


pretty fresh experience for someone who is burned out on traditional pvp card games. i mean, pvp in this game would be interesting but i like the game as it is. have no idea how the hell to pilot the nun though, that class seems really underwhelming compared to the rest and thats the only thing that really bothers me

Before anything else, i gotta say the music is probably one of my favorites from any other games i play. I find every single track is enjoyable to listen and dont think i will ever get bored listening to them.
This is the first turn based rpg ive ever played before and damn ive been missing out on such a fun genre, or is it just this game thats so good. I really like how the main content isnt too hard and you can pretty much just beat it with 4 star characters, but later on the content is pretty damn challenging... but i dont feel too pressured to do them i guess. Im doing fine without using the best gear in the game and my 5 star units are quite limited as a f2p, but i dont feel like im missing anything. Grinding is a bit of a pain because of drop rates for some items, but i dont feel that the grind is too boring compared to other games since each fight only takes a few seconds to complete.

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