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Blue Archive | Global


got pay or without pay this game still can survive, characters are SUPA cute & sexy[大哭][微笑]

i love all of the character voice, is difficult to live without pay

Echocalypse | SEA


[厲害]ohayo master

for girls

i hope your game of gacha have more collaboration characters or your design too

they are pretty smexy uwu

MapleStory M | Global



Elly doko?

King's Raid


This is same as Kritika:the white knight in the earlier no have many characters just got armor gacha [賣萌]u can put away leveling your characters too [睡覺]

Bistro Heroes


[大哭]👍 i can feels the foods making me drooling 🤤 & hungry

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Goodbye Meru chan💛🦇
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