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Planet Master


Dead. Of course the devs wont tell you that, but will still take your money.

*Update* After being banned from google and losing the games they hadn't abandoned, devs returned to this to try to continue milking what remains of the player base. I say this harshly because mist has screwed me monetarily in other games, namely merge catgirl. Otherwise this game is an OK time waster that grows stagnant rather quickly. I log in daily for gems and thats really about it.

Merge Catgirl


I got into this as a good timewaster when I don't want to think. Those moods where I don't really want to do anything, which is frequently nowadays due to injury. So I spent the $20 to remove the ads and bought a few cans cause I believe in supporting games that occupy me well enough, and it's basically unplayable without removing ads anyways.

So I had to change phones and because there's no binding feature I tried to back up all the data... and this app disallows app backup. So I reached out to the developer, and they did respond indicating they could transfer across devices for me. Two weeks ago. Reached out a couple times since to see if there was progress, with no response.

Got up to about 40's if I remember. Not starting over without the ads removed. Also makes me want to remove the other 2 mist games I have installed, and have also spent money on. If they finally come around, I'll update.

*Update 10/18* Sent a few more emails, last one basically being "If you had at least kept communicating..." and still haven't heard back. Dev needs to be marked as malicious, cash grab type and blocked from each platform. Some of the worst, sleaziest devs I've had the displeasure of supporting. No more. Mist is dead to me.

Furies: Last Escape


One of the few games I can occupy my time with recently (not by choice) and it's almost not worth it. Force pvp and whales will means your city is constantly destroyed and moved, which isn't as detrimental as it sounds, but theres no real sustaining gameplay factor to keep coming back to. Tap a few things then ignore it for several hours.

Age of Magic


"Amazing" graphics is about the only thing this game has.

Venus Eleven | English


Gameplay is TERRIBLE. Matches are way too long and very poorly done. Some of the still artwork is well done but the typical low quality cheap cop-out chibis are there.

Stella Maiden | English


Is good. Can use a little polishing though. Certain specific recipes can be used for months without obtaining the character you want... *edit* Recent UI polishing is enough to up the score a tad. Looks a lot less "chinese engrish black market knockoff" feel to it, like they produced a game to just try and make quick monies.



Been playing since early and I love the game, but recently its grown stale due to way too much "buy this, buy that" and the cost to stay relevant as become increasingly worrisome. Was great at the start, but the recent emphasis of the devs have been more towards $$$ instead of actual good content.

Want to "marry" one of your girls? $30, and no alternative.

King's Raid


I spend most of my time grinding auto repeat and leveling all of the chars I accumulate through dailies and the inn. Unlike some toxic idiots that get banned, I dont spend money on this game, and still am not banned although I don't "pay them enough to avoid being banned." I'm just not a toxic fool.

Otherwise, easily my top 3 favorite games.

It's.... eh. Not great, not awesome, as all mobile games tend to be, but it's alright I guess.

*Update again* STILL broken FB login. Months later.

*Update* Updates force logout and they have yet to update the facebook login, which facebook disabled. Can't log in to previous account. They refuse to update it. Goodbye account, and not worth starting another. Recent movements have been towards more pay to play, cash grabs and "money over players."

Was OK at the start, but now unplayable. Refuses to load. Error message that wont clear up across different connections.

And for those concerned about pay to win, the game keeps record of bought vs free in game currency, and free IGC isnt allowed for all transactions... for some of the stuff, you are forced to buy if you want what's offered. Saving up IGC wont help you if you cant use it on what you want.

Gameplay is typical of most "decent quality cutscene, significantly less quality of detail sprite" turn based games. Some cute waifus, but other than that, fairly generic.

Onmyoji | English



Was excited to try because I love hack and slash.... but not this one. Still art is good, otherwise rendered animations are pretty poor. Gameplay is super boring.

Warship Girls | Global


Reminds me of a tank game that has the exact same flaws... probably same designer... progression in a certain area is complete garbage, either random or requires certain conditions met to proceed, chibi art is horrendous, ship production requires "limited access" tickets so you cannot just continously produce... some good aspects are that it's a good time waster, the actual artwork is good for eye candy, but give it a try if you like azure lane, it's not as good but hopefully theyll give it some much needed reworking soon.

Soccer Spirits


*Edit* China has taken over apparently, the forced hive login requires real name authentication apparently now, and the game was discontinued September 13 of 2021. It's dead.

Unedited review here:
Been playing since approx. 9 months+ and some things have improved, but really losing a lot of its sustaining factor for me. I really only log in now just to collect daily gifts and that's about it.

Probably the worst aspect of this is no binding feature. Several updates completely reset my game - and once I had to change devices. Support claims they don't have to restore your account if they even feel like they aren't in the mood to do so, so don't think about spending money on this if you don't like the idea of potentially spending it to not have permanent access.

Unison League | Global



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