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Chibi ver of PoT. no tennis...just music and you have to hit the notes on the exact time ( the notes are little tennis balls). bored, but ppl rating it 5* bcoz why not? anime fans...little kids, chibi style fans, etc. remember 1 cool game of PoT but was shutdown we really need a good tennis game, they dropped the ball on this one.

as always... the English releases are money hungry. there is a huge gap between f2p and p2w players. is not that hard to understand the skills and the game is very easy to play, and for that reason the Asian ver. of the game is 100% better. they even give a lot of free stuffs for everyone. tried this ver but it's a big no, I'm going back the the jp ver.

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love how tards celebrate this... after the big FU to the Diablo community. yey let's hype for another Diablo game like re skinned. yeey.... sheeps.  Read Note
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