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Livly Island


Really cute bonsai game. The livlies are endearing and there's a lot of customization options. Very low maintenance and easy to pick up, but it's really more fun with friends.

Recommended for busy or laidback people, it's even easier than Tamagotchi.



Much higher quality game than expected. The art is beautiful and consistent, the sprites are detailed with fluid animations. The angle of the battles is interesting and there is a lot of room for strategy. The UI is fluid and easy to understand even if you don't know Japanese.

There are plenty of skip tickets and stamina refills, so farming for mats is no problem. There are also plenty of free characters so you can use your favorites and have many options for better strategy.

The relationship/island system is cute. It has the feeling of the Persona series but more relaxed like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory.

Fairy Sphere | Japanese


Really fun and cute game!! Relaxing and there's a lot to do, but you don't need to grind a lot, you can just play whenever. The tutorial is super easy so it's okay to play without knowing Japanese but there are guides online.

All the fairies and furniture are really pretty even if they're not rare, and the levels so far (I'm on chapter 5) are not as hard as other games.

There's a subreddit for English-speaking players with guides if you need help:

22/7 Music Time


Basically a low budget Bandori clone. Not really worth your time unless you like the songs.

Really good quality rhythm game! My issue with most rhythm games is the game itself not feeling very "responsive" but ARB feels great to play. Beatmaps could be a bit better/more interesting but this will likely improve with time so it's not a real issue.

I'll admit I did some rerolling (had to get SSR Ramuda lol) but rates are pretty good and I got an SSR nearly every time.

The game looks great, if a little cheaper than some of the bigger name games, but it has a distinct style and sound, which imo is the most important thing for a new gacha game. Especially since a lot of rhythm games have 2020 release dates.

Not sure how good the story is since I don't read Japanese but the cutscenes I saw were well made and dynamic despite using still sprites rather than live2d, which has become the norm lately.

Overall, ARB looks and feels super fun to play. There's a lot of room for improvement, and I have high hopes. 🍬

Really fun and unique gameplay with great songs so far. A little bit of lag sometimes but it's alright for an early demo. Can't really judge the story yet but the character designs are good.

World Flipper | Japanese


A lot more fun than I expected!! Been playing nonstop since release [開心]

Monogatari Series Pucpuc


Amazing quality game with great value and nice UI design, music, and art.

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