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This game is perfect in every little way, but sadly, I'm going to be that guy for this. Will there be any chance of an ENG version of the game in the future? or is it region-locked in Japan like TR forever? I know I'm being a jerk here, and I apologize, but the immersion is hard to get into when I don't understand what each mechanic or character is saying. Other than that, beautiful game and I wish people know more about this as much as TR ❤



such a shame that I am shit at Japanese, so I can't understand some of the controls. but this game looks promising. my only request is that I wish we could switch between male and female VAs of Pipimi and Popuko because I'm so used to having male VAs voicing them, that's all. ^^ I'll probably wait for a guide or a translation but other than that, its a great game if you like Pop Team Epic



This game has so much promise! A shame that I can't understand Japanese. Makes me wonder why some of the words are in English. I hope this game gets a translation soon. I really enjoy the game but I want to understand the dialogue as well. Don't want to waste the VAs efforts

My Sick Puzzle


god, Sick games are getting better every time! wish there will be an english patch soon. Hard to maneuver and solve puzzles without knowing what you're looking for :^(

edit: So is this just a demo so far? I am confused

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Someday, I'll learn Japanese just to play these games. it ruins the immersion for me with the language barrier and all Read Note
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