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Daily extra 200 crystals every event in GBF. Very Nice

I had played so many gacha games, and this game really refreshing. Not like any other gacha games comes out in early 2021 (English ver.) which is all the same, Nothing new , same gameplay, same mechanism, Just a different gacha rate and IP.

The gameplay is great combining City building and RPG. The Character and Building design are very Beautiful and cute at the same time.

The story also good ( have a skip button IYKWIM ), Music good , VA good.

The new update had added guild and guild boss which is very good. You can make a Guild with your friends and get strong together like i do.

This game also have a Pvp Content ( Arena ), Mostly p2w like another games of course. But you can still reach high enough tier as a f2p just enjoy the game.

Overall the game is good, Worth to play, worth to spend ( the Monthly pass is cheap tho )

Granblue Fantasy


i had played this game for almost 3 years, and i can say it is one of the best gacha games ever. Not only have a superb storyline and free stuff. The gameplays also very interesting and challenging.

Character design, in my opinion granblue have the best character design, the art just beautiful.

Music and BGM is all top tier, I remember when GrandeHL first introduced, the BGM really kill it, my entire body feels goosebumps and very excited.

VA, yes this is 2021 and almost every new gacha games now have VA, But grandblue is so special cause almost everything have a voices even the minor one. But due Covid-19 mostly upcoming content not have a voices.

Last but not least, One big reason why i love this games so much ... is because The Development Cygames ! Not like any other Development that make thier games for cashgrabs. ( Let's say epic7 very very good games but poor development, imagine the game just released a year and the next year the development rerun every single event from a year ago, not only that they also do collab.... yes collab with same IP 3 TIMES ! very smart, ah.. i remember when i play epic7 for the last time its really chaos cause pet system ).

Grandblue already 7years, and always surprise me every single year with their new update, The development always try to improve the game quality and user experience. That not easy and i really appreciate that hard work.

ps. dont listen to fgo player toxic about granblue, i played both games and i can say who better from who .

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