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Graphics are ok. Global still censored, still has silly missions where you run a pretty awesome run but forget to do one thing and you fail to 3 star a level. Shop list is still overloaded patch by patch. Menu UI still needs a clean up.



I like it for the gesture shortcuts to bookmark certain GBF pages so you don't have to press buttons...but I don't know which is faster, the PC browser version, the phone app, or this...this also needs an English setting. I don't think many people will use this either unless it's advertised in game or somewhere popular. You can't even mark favorite materials on this browser. [不滿]

If I were to compare Global publishers, Netmarble, Nexon, and Gumi, luckily Gumi wouldn't be the worst mainly because the JP version of their games are so generous, but at the same time ripping off Global is such a bad move. Which is unfortunate because the game and story is pretty good.

It's like Law of Creation 2 played Another Eden, added more auto mechanics, worse dialogue, more gacha reliant systems and said "Now This is Podracing!" [無語]
EDIT: Also Refferal Code Simulator 2019

Stella Maiden | English


Gacha style is similar to that of Kantai Collection (Girls Frontline,) uses repair mechanics like Kancolle/GFL too. RTS style is very innovative and similar to that of their older idle clicker, Planet Master. Love the space sci-fi theme. I personally prefer the Planet Master character art though since now the same characters look totally different now. =\

I like how you can listen to music on this app, but it's useless outside of Japan other than that and seeing event schedules plus the majority of the app is in Japanese.

It's meh, but it could be better, and the social media contact is pretty bad (talking about actual communicating, not news posts.)You can find other better mobile games easily.

King's Raid


I used to really like this game and the amount of stamina it provided...but now I realize the amount of stamina it provides is because you need years of grind just to get strong(er.) [暈]

If you were to compare this to WFS's other newer game, DanMachi Memoria Freese, then I think this one is the superior f2p game. Everything you don't even need the gacha for.

RWBY: Amity Arena


Only fun if you like Clash Royale and the RWBY IP. Otherwise it's a solid meh.

Dragalia Lost


Graphics - Gameplay graphics give off a very chibi theme. You either hate it or don't. I like it. User interface of while game is nice. Has qualities of Granblue Fantasy.

Sounds - MI SE TE YO. 10 out of 10.

Gameplay - Gameplay is inspired by Colopl Rune Story aka Shironeko Project aka White Cat Project aka stop giving it more names. I'm fine with that gameplay style. the whole lawsuit between Nintendo and Colopl from what I've reached has no connection to DL unless someone can fill the timegap between Global Rune Story shut down and DL announcement.

Storyline - Borderline fun. Mym saved this as well as some random cutscenes.

Overall - Co-op is the main gameplay style in this game. This game was designed so that you can up your 3*s to 5*s. You don't need a 5* to play the toughest of levels which is great. Party power is scaled on overall party Might & not lvls. Open every feature with (Chapter 5/6) story b4 you judge.

The only con of this game is super slow progression. Aside from that, this game is great and worth putting some money into. Cygames is super generous too. This game is much better than than newer game, Dragalia Lost, tbh. The internet communities have so many fixes for this game to do it's really easy to understand. I also think it was clever for them to make an English setting instead of a new server.

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