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Muhammad Haziq Mohd Saiful 2063824

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Tutorial is too damn long just to do a Reroll, rate are pretty bad & it's damn hard to collect crystals ....

I love CG... but the gameplay is just.... boring, never really like Tower Defense kind of games



My only problem is the rate, but really love the story 😊

If only there were English ver 😁

PlayStation App


I don't know what Sony was thinking... But both the Console part & this phone app because really bad...

Sad global got shut down, this is way better than Crestoria 😊

Wish they would update like PC ver too πŸ™‚

Honestly.... Very F2P friendly 🀯

Soukou Musume


For a not so much gameplay animation.... 3* rate too terrible... That's its only problem ..

Hackers.... Hackers everywhere ...

PokΓ©mon Masters EX



Pokemon Home


Such a Rip off your money apps... πŸ™„

Makai Wars | Japanese


Great game... Just, terrible 4* rate... Too terrible 😞

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


seriously... 2 months straight maintenance.... 😞

Not very F2P friendly...

Great Wifu game 😍

Granblue Fantasy


Great Wifu game 😍

Tales of Asteria


Even after 6yrs of playing, game still can't even be generous.... Free 10 pull anniversary just keep giving you 4*, even if you have a 5*, it just a 5* that you can get simply just by enough daily rewards, that 5* can't even evolve to 5*(super useless), the banner show you can get special 5*, but that's just for show.... πŸ˜‘

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