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good game!
i just hope the game can be played on landscape view..

anyway, good game!

COUNTER: SIDE | Japanese


overall the game is good.[微笑]
for people who already play the korean one will be become stronger in no time for sure..

QooApp need to put the "vpn required" on this game ASAP!

other than the vpn problem, overall the game is fine

wow.. the game is just good..
it's not exactly a new game by time the korean release but
japanese release have it's particularly taste for sure

just shame that the game story is not full voiced..
big point from me if they do the story full voice
they done the prologue with voice, other than that is just reading..

7 Rhythm Dash


after playing the game for few days, my only word
"i don't recommend people to download this expecting some rhythm game"

this "is" rhythm game, but if you ever play FGO Waltz
you will know what kind of gameplay it will be...
(update; the game is the tap rhythm game which you can tap "anywhere" on screen to tap the notes, but unlike FGo waltz you can't randomly tap the screen hoping all the score will be "all perfect" like that unfortunately...)

still hope they don't shut down the nanarhythm on android one... the original is a rhythm game compare this...

put aside the fact, the game is good, waiting for more songs
this game a "raise or die" there's chara levels with it's party power and enemies you need to defeat before the songs end.

repeat, i don't recommend play this game for one who searching for some "rhythm" game... except you like challenging new thing

HoneyWorks Premium Live


[微笑]good game! i expecting more songs added and a full song course besides the cut one

Well, at first the promoting team of this game is somehow make want to try the game.

i'm not actually good at card games.[汗顏] but if i have to say, they can pull money from this game but they just use it for promotion purpose.

Overall this game is good easy to play, and the graphic is good. but to think they can make something this good on just promotion app. hoping this app get some more update if they do[開心]

honestly, i was really excited to try this game, but reality is harsh truth for me.

MY PHONE CAN'T PLAY AR GAME!!![大哭][大哭][大哭]

well i'm expecting another game like the FGO Quest[開心]

Played the game for some 2-3 hours. my opinion...


well that aside, still rather playable game... shame that my phone can't use the ar camera...

one word for this game, from just the name, one game will pop out from your mind and you are know it....
this game is just too "min***aft"😂

Well the gameplay remind me of this company previous game which already been closed for a while last year. [不滿]
But yeah, i have played the game a bit. overall, [開心]it's good game and the release time were almost the same as the anime. the game can be a good spoiler for the anime story (if you can read it)[微笑]

Good Game! [微笑] but it will be better with some full voice scenario on the story [難過] (too much reading is pain for me sometimes)

man, the game has been sunk into darkness. what a shame that most player cannot play this game again from qooapp. it's trully a shame news [難過]

Character Mobile


pay to call, with yen.
free things : account and some features not the call[發困]

it just the browser game get some app convert. well before this game was uploaded on qoo i don't even know the game existence...[汗顏]

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HYPER PLAYING! I'm Playing the game! やってるぞ、ゲームを!!
finally for sure!
now time to break some bones for free Touma.. [微笑]
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