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did still maintenance i can't start ? (゜ロ゜)

Valiant Force | Global


dununung dununung nununung.. cektalktokcektlaktok ( ^∀^)

Epic Seven


well, how this everything was lagging with skill aoe (ノ-_-)ノ~┻━┻

the game was lagging ( TДT)
i already uninstal.

[開心][開心][開心] well i didn't care my id has lost before 😐
i play again with my new id 😁

Gestalt Odin


the game so damned lag at multiplayer and so damned lag at joining battle taking to damned long to join battle 😐 n bye game 😀 So lagging doesn't want to play 😑

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


the problematic is update inside a game so snail update 😗 and their multiplayer so lagging if the bos using skill and got affected by their Animations 🤔

Bakuretsu Monster


when i try pvp more like kicked out of The game 😅 even 100% got kicked after mid battle 😐 after my score could win 😑 more like the game at pvp is to lagger 😯

Unison League | Japanese


the problematic is bind account all of my account got delete even my main too 😐 thank's alot sensei 😗

i don't want to play it 😀
cause so damned lagging 😐
and heavy to play more loading
maybe need data full download 🤔
but just lag make me feel insane bored 😗

Fantasy Earth Genesis


why i still 0 download on datagame why 🤔

even a snap dragon still have some very lag at multiplayer the visual effect is to dam strong if bos using skil it got very lag for Warrior n defender job.

Dark Avenger 3 | Korean


how to play it's seem i don't find vpn for this 😐

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