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Girl Cafe Gun


Really great game! It's a great break from all the otome games released these days. Gameplay is similar to City of Forever 7 Days and Azur Lane, it has auto play and I recommend it. They also have this cafe feature and it's just management with your waifus and you can dress them up. Graphics are really nice and the live2d models are one of the best I've seen lately (really smooth and the expressions are priceless fron each girl but the boob jiggles are unnecessary). Artwork for the cards are also really great and I also love the gacha, it has im@s theater days' gacha effects for high rarity cards which I very much appreciate. So far, the game is really nice to me and already gave me 2 of the SSR cards. It's about 1.5-2 gb but it's really worth it for new waifus.

Palette Parade


It's finally here but anyways! Palette Parade is your typical breeding simulation game, collecting cards of the artists and undergoing their main gameplay and reading/listening through the story. Yes, it is very similar to A3 and On Air! but with artists instead of theater boys and seiyuus. The cast is wonderful and how they adapted each respected art genius as anime boys is really clever (quirky and dorky men). Story is cute and heart warming as you progress and help the boys out in the museum, soundtrack is really cute and their main theme is a bop lmao, gameplay is meh (as expected) and overall it's a good pastime otome to have. The character sprites have some tiny bugs in them but each character has a unique pose and some have interactions with each other in the main interface.
Gacha rates are also VERY generous (as how I've experienced) and in the tutorial free pull you can get more than one 4* so make sure you get your best boys! (Definitely got Courbet for me)

Pretty solid otome rhythm game. It's very competitive in nature and would require tons of patience just by leveling your crew members in the rehearsal room. Graphics are nice, though when the warmen comes closer to the player you can see the blurry character renders. Gameplay and storyline are mediocre, MC is very weak imo though I can understand that they're trying to make the warmen as dominant as possible. Lives are really easy even in advanced mode (I-Chu still has the hardest beatmaps in otome).
Heads up:
1. You can change your crew members in rehearsal (tap the characters beside the song cover and replace them with your strongest cards so they give off a bigger score)
2. I recommend playing only in hard mode in events
3. Gacha is pretty meh, if you have the cards you need then save your gems for upcoming events or live boosters.
4. Very grindy when it comes to events and card exp materials.
I'm still in the process of understanding the game, correct me if I'm wrong.

Crusaders Quest


There's not much review on the game, but I'd like everyone to give it a try (from a 3 year experience).

It's a chain-combo pixel rpg where you have to utilize your heroes and their passives. Very strategic when it comes to team comps, but there are tons of guides, players are nice and they will guide you through chat. CQ has beautiful OSTs from M2U and Nicode, story is very typical but it's characters are likeable. Graphics are pixel there's not much to say, but some of the illustrations for specific heroes are outdated so it looks crusty. Overall it's something worth to try and it gets very challenging. Game is also very generous with rewards and bonuses.

They hold crossovers as well. (Deemo, RWBY, Re:Zero, Goblin Slayer, Guilty Gear)

BTS WORLD | Global


Not much of an ARMY like how I used to be before but I can guarantee that this really does put well with its target audience. Simple gameplay, I was expecting shit like most idol-produce games but this is pretty straightforward with levels (just grind for exp materials and level up your cards)

Really cute game and would be playing more for stress relief, really puts a smile to my face! 😍

OH~! My Office


it's a pretty fun time-killer, since it's available offline as well. i have been playing for 3 days and I have yet to get a 4* character, solo pulls do better than multi tbh (multi either gives you shit tons of 2* dupes or just a plethora of 1* with no signs of 3*) so gacha rates are pretty bad. I use a maximum of 6-8 workers in my office, exceeding that number is really hard to manage since the controls are rather unrensponsive despite the boss upgrades (punishment control is broken). grinding coins is the worst part of this game, literally most upgrades cost 10k up on most items and levels just give you 300 each, leveling up 10k and the mining thingo only giving you coins depending on your rank. diamonds are no problem, they're pretty reasonable. it's still fun and challenging though, having to make the player utilize worker fever skills.

oh and elly is a free character once you clear her event, gilbert however (and most 4* characters) is a top-up character. H A V E F U N ・ิ≖ ω ≖・

wasn't able to play this on release day but here we go:
graphics are amazing, especially if you own a device that can handle heavy animations. soundtrack is very good as well with the voicelines, but during battle they can get very annoying (more notable Elizabeth's) gameplay is very refreshing, retains the rpg mechanism with each character/card having three movesets, and you can fully utilize each with combo and combination. gacha is very reasonable (in my experience) since tutorial will give you a free pull with a guaranteed SSR, and so far my second pull also contained one as well (pulls are 10+1 for 30 gems)! story cg animations can be skipped but it's really well made and fully voiced, so i recommend watching it. so far so good, i hope gowther visits me soon. and also the home menu is where you go for missions, and it almost appears to be open-world as well and boar hat where you do some gordon ramsay quests. really easy and fun to play!

I was waiting for this game to be released since last year and the wait was worth it! For someone who got tired with idol breeding games, this was a really refreshing game and FINALLY!!! A RHYTHM GAME!!!! The gameplay is really simple, not a really hardcore rhythm game like I-Chu, Deresute and Bandori so it's player friendly! Gacha is very generous in my opinion, 3% for 5* and 27% for 4* is really good! you don't necessarily need high rarity cards to enjoy the game. 3D models are kinda rough though but it's a new game nonetheless. And for someone who dislikes dancing, choreography is kinda cheesy at times lmao. And character, I love them all so much especially Theater Bell (most of my favorite seiyuus are in here too so that's a plus!). Definitely recommended and now I have to wait for Hypmic as well.

Very simple rpg and it's nostalgic for 90's kids. This game is very pleasant to play if you have a busy schedule due to it's low maintenance, just select the story quest and upgrade characters; repeat. I am not a fan of the gacha, and it very much encourages you to top up diamonds to experience most of the game lmao but f2p gameplay is mediocre as well (have fun in arena gettinf your ass beat). The tasks are very generous so you'll have no trouble in saving up 2k gems for a guaranteed 3* card (5* is the highest). Overall, it's quite the classic and if you're a Saint Seita fan this is a treat.

Really great game, just waiting for the global release which is very soon (you can preregister). I like the battle mechanics and I find it amusing that my shitty phone lets me play something graphic heavy like this (Honkai Impact was really harsh on me). Recommended!



Neat tower defense game that has waifus and occasional husbandos in it. Character sprites are from different artists and they're all equally good, gameplay mechanism is your standard tower defense in which each character has a cost (and you are limited to place one of each unit per level). And gacha, pretty considerate rates as they guarantee a 6* on the beginner banner. After clearing the tutorial, you get two 5* and some gacha currency and tickets. It's really nice, standard gameplay but the tutorials are pretty annoying. I hope it'll get an english release since I can't understand shit.



Stumbled upon this and saw it was made by DMM, and it's really similar to Touken Ranbu, if not, they're entirely the same except for some elements. You have your own 'citadel' and care for buddhas instead of swords, each character has their own rarity (similar to Touranbu's rng system in which the timer determines the rarity), but in this game you don't smith, you actually have gacha to have these men in your household. Gacha is pretty considerate in my case, just 3 pulls in and they gave me a shit ton of 5* characters. Gameplay wise, it follows the node system in touranbu, either you fight an enemy, get a green node and in the end, fight the boss. You semi-operate them with their special moves. So far, I'm actually enjoying it and would be playing more. Recommended for saniwas who are tired of grinding materials for their touken danshi that never comes home (jiji just give me another copy). Ask me if you need help, but I am also trying to figure it out as well.

Disgaea RPG


best waiting simulator 2k19!

I'm glad Re LIVE earned a global version since it is a really good game. Other than the main girls of Revue Starlight, there will be also 3 more school (15 more stage girls in total) with their own sub stories. Gameplay is very similar to FGO with cards and order, and I suggest not to rely on auto as what I've learned while playing in the JP server (auto play will kill your team trust me). Gacha is pretty okay, for beginners you have 2 4* guaranteed banners and I suggest rerolling for multiple target finishers rather than single target (they're more for vs revue). Gacha is divided into the characters themselves and support cards (they're pretty important too). Other than that, pretty neat game, very grindy fpr resources if you want to max and limit break your girls and Junna is best girl.

EDIT (AS OF 4.26.19)

After some time, yeah sure, things are running smoothly, BUTTTTTTTT i have already scouted for more than 10 pulls and NOT A SINGLE 10 PULL gave me a 3* above unit, gacha is ass.

Been a player since release and had multiple reroll accounts and absolutely forgot to give a review. As per someone who had enough of idol hell, Bandori is something fresh. It's a rhythm game yet you have to strategize your teams for full utility using map items and the event bonuses. Gacha is okay, even better than most gacha games out there (llsif and deresute im looking at u) and they have an event called Dream Fes, similar to CinFes on deresute where the 4* rates are doubled. The problem for most F2P players is once you completed every song, maxed out all the bands and finished the stories as well as side stories, there's no way to get star gems but daily attendance, events and campaigns. I can barely scout nowadays and I cried during Kaoru's white day reprint. Aside from that, it's a great game and go watch the anime if you want. (And Garupapico)

The game is mostly for Detective Conan fans, or children even. Gameplay is pretty straight-forward, it's your typical Japanese running game where you have to gather objectives (in this game's case, it looks like konpeito lmao) and reminds me of the Haikyuu neko runner. And for once, gacha isn't actually that bad and rates are considerable (10% for SSR). Gacha rates are split into the runners (they appear as chibi sprites) and your support characters (full art, they're mostly the ones featured in the banner). Again, it's a game to play when you're just really in the mood for something really quick and won't piss you off. Really cute but I don't see myself playing it for more.

[April 10th]
They will give you 1200 gems for pre-registration, 1 SR and SSR ticket, a runner Conan and some other necessities. The beginner gacha is for PAID GEMS only, which is a guaranteed SSR, but I promise you won't need SSR card to enjoy the game.

Check the twitter page for maintenance updates! currently thr game isn't up yet but go and check later

Been playing for a week and honestly story mode is really hard to complete, I already maxed out most of my 4* cards (from clones and those gold upgrades) and yet I can't beat most of them (also crafted new planes and upgraded them). They should start events as soon as possible if they want people to keep playing.

Lmao if you can't download the game, it's your phone that has a deficiency. Servers are running perfectly and pkayers don't seem so encounter any bugs so far, I suggest clearing your phone's junk and cache for smoother gameplay. As for the game itself, it's basically nostalgia and just keep rerolling till you get either Mihawk, Eneru or Crocodile (high tier characters). The game will give you 1 free pull and 150+ starting gems ehich is equivalent to 3 pulls already (10+1). Great game overall.



I have seen their pv's last year and honestly i really wanted to see what the final game would look like, since it was promising and pf course, handsome boys. I really hoped it was gonna be a rhythm game, but an ordinary otome mechanism is okay for me. so far, everything is great, music wise and art wise. still haven't picked my best boi but he'll soon come to me.

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