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Haven't reviewed anything in a while now but since this has a beloved series of mine plastered in it, I was obliged to [不滿]

It's your typical raising simulation game where there's absolutely no gameplay to be expected so right out of the bat if you're not a fan of the genre, I suggest not bothering with it. The most similar would be Umamusu (interface is incredibly similar) but with less effort actually put. You're just staring at very static live 2d figures, which took me a while to see that they were actually l2d because there was barely any noticeable movement [大哭] I can appreciate the voiced campaign story and encounters, but that's literally it. It's just the usual cash grab game that inserted bllk characters in a raising sim format for promotion while the anime airs, nothing special with it really. [汗顏]

It's still the same thing as JP asides from the different UI and gacha value (350 to 3500). I think the translation is okay, not the best but it gets the job done. I don't understand why '< , >' are added for monologue, it's so clunky to read lmao.

Just a reminder to take care of your self when playing the game, especially when events go and about. Have fun!

It's a neat casual joseimuke! I wasn't really that into Yume 100 so I'm not sure if I'm missing out on stuff while I follow the storyline of Yumekuro. Other than that, let me offer my two cents [鬼臉]

Graphics and art are really amazing! The character art, CGs in the story, and environment are very well made and definitely eye candy.

The animation and opening theme song ("inverted world" sung by Miho Karasawa) for the game is really beautiful! Probably one of the few opening themes I didn't skip (along with mahoyaku lol).

Gameplay is nothing new. Think of the game as priconne, but with an all-male cast [微笑] Battle is auto, other than the main units/meisters, you have fairies/support units as well. They all have a designted role when it comes to optimizing your team, so make sure you at least have one shielder and healer. The characters can be evolved from 1* to 6* which unlocks I think the full art? You can pull rarities ranging from 2*-4* in gacha, you'll have to evolve them by collecting more character stones(?). Gacha is separated into two, the meisters and the fairies.

[Edit: Full art can be unlocked once you meet the requirements! Lvl. 40 and by reading the meister/fairy stories, in which the dialogue you select will determine whether you get the 'sun' or 'moon' CG.]

I mostly checked it out since the cast was star studded, seiyuus like Fukujun, Shimonnu, Tarori, Shoutan, Tosshi, and everyone's Achilles' heel, Mr. Tsuda Kenjirou himself; the cast has goat seiyuus (singers, stage actors, and even utaite!) and some rookies as well!

Do try it out, it's worth the shot! I'll be playing until all characters are released. May your best boy spook you [開心]

Late review but twst really did get en localization (thanks aniplex) [大哭] Pretty much the same review as I did on the JP version with the gameplay, graphics, and storyline aspects, but I guess the concern regarding the localization is the translation itself. There's some mistranslations going on (apparently tanuki = weasel and dialogues that present pop culture/memes are either a huge hit or miss) but in my opinion what's important is the proper presentation of context; the translation gets the job done.

We barely get localizations of joseimuke, so please take the translation with a grain of salt and support the game! For those who are new to Twisted Wonderland, welcome aboard! You're in for a huge treat [微笑] For those who already played beforehand, please try not to spoil new fans and let them enjoy the content as they please.

Very huge improvement compared to the previous Senjyushi! I'm still hoping for the other guns to be part of the game (particularly Leopold, Margarita, Ekaterina) but the newer guns are also very unique (some of them were the enemy bosses from the previous game)~

The art for the characters vary since they come from different artists (god bless Sidu-sama [大哭]) and they're all beautiful with L2D to boot!

Tons of features like room management and retaining the affection system from the previous game. The quests are much more easier to navigate as well imo since it takes you directly to the stories as some levels are story-locked.

Gacha is okay, I used up all my luck on other games [憋屈] Hopefully Karl and Snider come home soon! 3* characters are the highest rarity in gacha and all rarities can be upgraded to 5*!

It's very worth to try! Rerolling takes about 5-10 minutes based on my experience, you can only get one 3* during the tutorial gacha so make sure you get your best boy!

They will give you a 3* George upon clearing Chapter 1 of the main campaign, and I think you can get multiple copies of him and upgrade materials by clearing the quests on his special campaign tab (like the beginner's guide)!

Wind Boys!


I'm enjoying it so far! Very good for a raising sim, the characters are unique (Ousei, Mashu, and Yahiko my beloved) and the lesson part of the game is very cute to watch ^^ Super generous and rewarding too, they give out 4 SSRs right off the bat and I suggest getting your best boys. I would also like the game to have Live2D models just so the homepage would feel interactive and less lonely lmao, I'm not used to just seeing the static sprites of the character in my mainscreen. These types of games are perfect for me as I can't really provide time for hands-on gameplay. Looking forward to how they do events! [開心]

I missed my boys so much [大哭] If they plan to add 3d MVs soon then that would be great! But I'm very much enjoying the 2d animations and they definitely upped the art quality (I'm drooling over the SSRs they're so pretty)! Looking forward to future events~

Gonna be honest, nothing's special about the game asides it having Code Geass characters. It's your classic turn-based jrpg with chibi characters during battle, and it reminds me of Merc Storia + Last Period combined (artstyle is very similar to it too).

Haven't dwelved much into the story but none of the new characters really made an impact for me so thank god Lelouch appeared during the prologue. I really liked the L2d for the home screen, each character has their own background and I find it neat. There's like this raid mechanism where you unleash troops and watch as the spirtes slowly reach the target, very fun yes.

Haven't got a four star character in gacha, kept getting Nunnally dupes (dupes are used for skill upgrade). There's two kinds of gacha, one for characters and one for codes which are basically craft essences, kinda good that they're separated.

Worth to try for a while? Yes, I don't see any problem with trying it out, you might like it. Will I continue to play it? No. (As much as I love CC, there's nothing really special with the game)

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


I think it's pretty good for a rhythm game! Iconic Touhou songs like Bad Apple and Cirno's Perfect Math Class are available, will wait for Geddan! The beatmaps are very fun, the sliders are kinda difficult for me but I'll get used to it. I suggest going to the settings and dimming the background to +50.

Gacha is pretty okay, not much to say on that. They're giving out guaranteed SR+ tickets for the next few days.

I haven't dwelved much in the game's other modes (I think you have to manage the citadel as well idk) but it's pretty cute to see the chibis just fly lmao.

The tickets weren't SR+ lmao I just got too lucky with getting SRs using it, they're just regular gacha tickets.

Been following the franchise for at least 2 years now and the game is finally here! While it certainly did change a lot over the course of time, it still isn't perfect but as of today they announced that they will be making fixes with gameplay which is great! Cast is very unique and likeable, you'll definitely get attached to a band and have an oshi yourself. Story so far is getting interesting, and since this is a male-centric franchise it's bound to be very edgy (each band also has there own sections like garupa so check that out as well). Original songs and cover songs alike are all magnificent and I'm looking forward to what other covers will be done by each band! There's a ton of issues with the gameplay such as the notes being too small and those damned flick notes (I got used to it though, timing is key and pay attention to the rhythm), but they're currenly giving our feedback some answers so there's that! I don't suggest playing in 3d MV mode, just stick to the still image of your oshi. Speaking of the 3d MV, the character models aren't really the greatest but each character has their own unique set of animations and I personally really like that touch! Gacha is pretty generous probably due to the dupe system in order to get the trained art and increase cap level, but other than that the currency and dupe system in the game is kinda downplaying f2p. The game hasn't been out for a week yet, please do give it a chance and stop saying that it'll shut down within a year. I'm very much looking forward to future events and I hope Argonavis will continue to grow succesful!

It's here! So, gameplay-wise, very similar to Lanota and Tokyo 7th Girls, and the tracks currently up are from their first album before Hoodstar. Graphics are still the same from what we see in their albums and drama tracks, of course, it's beautiful. The art for the CG in each card are great as well, and SRs are the ones with full painted CGs for some reason (?), might be due to the story campaign. Music is of course wonderful, but I'm kind of irritated by all the tap-effects during gameplay, I literally had to make the bg music much louder so I can't hear the scratching noise. Main campaign is us as a disciple of a famous DJ and interactions between the characters during the story are fully voiced, so look. out for some Ramuda and Jakurai bantering!

Gacha is pretty swell, I didn't see what the rates are but the chances are pretty high. You don't necessarily need SSRs for now to feel accomplished in the game, maybe if you're planning to rank for events (Matenrou would be bloody I'm calling it), SRs are fine as it is. Highly recommended for those planning to get into hypmic and fellow rhythm-game enthusiasts.

Goodluck and may your best division spook you!

It's been quite the wait but here it is! Graphics are very well-done, and with high-end phone models you can experience very smooth graphics and fully appreciate Yana Toboso's art! Soundtracks are great as well, I've been bopping to their main theme song months before and the OSTs are very Disney-like. Gameplay is meh, it's something you would play if you're really bored or just playing for the boys and their seiyuus (in my case). The battle mechanism is okay, and the rhythm section is mediocre.

For us international fans to fully-appreciate what the game has to offer, we need a global version. It's the story and commus each character has in store for us which wouls make us play more often. I'm still gonna play for now and wait for Epel's SSR, as well as Diasomnia to arrive (pls I need Lilia). Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty swell game, but there's nothing much unique within gameplay in terms of the market. Also, the character sprites are effin' adorable, one of the reasons I'll still play.

ESM is basically CGSS and LLSIF in terms of gameplay and overall experience, with the exception of how to utilize your cards by idol road (and leveling up your cards and rank is much harder). Music is from their albums, hope they add more songs from each unit (more Knights and Switch please!) and the MV accompanying each song is very well done with the choreography and shots!! Beatmaps are fairly easy to those with experience, but the arrows are a pain in the ass. Also the S+ combo is kinda hilarious since you have to maintain an all-perfect combo throughout the songs (it's pretty impossible for me ffs). Gacha is fair as well, 3% to 5* is very generous already and each 10-pull guarantees a 4*. Story is different from basic since we're not in Yumenosaki, but instead at Ensemble Square, and you'll expect some units to have different leaders (Tomoya and Tsukasa). So far, so good! Looking forward to how the events will play out, and may your best boy spook you.

if i see anyone use ra*bits to dance the genesis, i will end your life

Inazuma Eleven SD


Really great game on mobile platform for fans of the Inazuma series! All three series are present and you're bound to find your favorite soccer player in SD form! Gameplay is easy and very fun, team management isn't a pain in the ass and each character has their own unique hissatsu similar to the ones they have in the games and anime (higher rarity characters can do group hissatsus, and players that belong to the same academy have a stat boost e.g Tatsuya, Hiroto, Midorikawa and Osamu in a team forms Eisei Gakuen). Shooting a goal is in terms of probability, but just continue leveling up your team and you can secure goals each match. Gacha is mediocre, it all just depends on luck (don't worry they aren't nitpicky when it comes to giving out S rares). Rates are 2.26% for S so just pray or chant shit before doing the gacha. Main campaign will follor Ares no Tenbin's plot and you can reroll the tutorial gacha!

Hope they add in-game voices too and not only for the hissatsus!

Really excited for the full game and my enstars heart is pounding! In my xiaomi device, it runs smoothly like butter and the 3d mode is pretty great! the only downfall is the tap sounds, small notes and the voice clips for trickstar after the live is overpowered by the background music. 3d models are really great and have personality (im looking at you side m and sifas). Hopefully they fix the 3d mode so that it can be played in low maintenance devices. Looking forward to it!

My Hero Academia


Similar to OPM's Strongest Man, but that doesn't defeat the game's past-time factor. Story mode follows the plot, with you fighting mobs and bosses as either heroes or villains and occasionally watching anime clips. Characters have their official seiyuus (not sure if they're just taken from the anime or recorded in studio) and the sprites are okay-ish (some taken directly from the anime or the manga). Gameplay is stale, but the animations make up for it. There are also many different game modes such as pvp and challenge mode for more rewards. So far, the game is generous but it's quite hard to level up since you can easily run out of onigiri (onigiri=energy or lp). I recommend it while waiting for the official BNHA game.

BLADE XLORD | Japanese


not really much to say. rpg these days are just the same mechanics with different characters. character illustrations are beautiful, and it even reminds me of granblue, the 3d models not so much (or my phone is just crappy). gameplay is mediocre and you can auto play throughout the battles. gacha is bad imo, you only have one gacha banner that you can use as f2p and the rest are payed gems. but still give it a try, I might spare it for a week.

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Really great game! It's a great break from all the otome games released these days. Gameplay is similar to City of Forever 7 Days and Azur Lane, it has auto play and I recommend it. They also have this cafe feature and it's just management with your waifus and you can dress them up. Graphics are really nice and the live2d models are one of the best I've seen lately (really smooth and the expressions are priceless fron each girl but the boob jiggles are unnecessary). Artwork for the cards are also really great and I also love the gacha, it has im@s theater days' gacha effects for high rarity cards which I very much appreciate. So far, the game is really nice to me and already gave me 2 of the SSR cards. It's about 1.5-2 gb but it's really worth it for new waifus.

Palette Parade


It's finally here but anyways! Palette Parade is your typical breeding simulation game, collecting cards of the artists and undergoing their main gameplay and reading/listening through the story. Yes, it is very similar to A3 and On Air! but with artists instead of theater boys and seiyuus. The cast is wonderful and how they adapted each respected art genius as anime boys is really clever (quirky and dorky men). Story is cute and heart warming as you progress and help the boys out in the museum, soundtrack is really cute and their main theme is a bop lmao, gameplay is meh (as expected) and overall it's a good pastime otome to have. The character sprites have some tiny bugs in them but each character has a unique pose and some have interactions with each other in the main interface.
Gacha rates are also VERY generous (as how I've experienced) and in the tutorial free pull you can get more than one 4* so make sure you get your best boys! (Definitely got Courbet for me)

Pretty solid otome rhythm game. It's very competitive in nature and would require tons of patience just by leveling your crew members in the rehearsal room. Graphics are nice, though when the warmen comes closer to the player you can see the blurry character renders. Gameplay and storyline are mediocre, MC is very weak imo though I can understand that they're trying to make the warmen as dominant as possible. Lives are really easy even in advanced mode (I-Chu still has the hardest beatmaps in otome).
Heads up:
1. You can change your crew members in rehearsal (tap the characters beside the song cover and replace them with your strongest cards so they give off a bigger score)
2. I recommend playing only in hard mode in events
3. Gacha is pretty meh, if you have the cards you need then save your gems for upcoming events or live boosters.
4. Very grindy when it comes to events and card exp materials.
I'm still in the process of understanding the game, correct me if I'm wrong.

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