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Game of Dice


Anime monopoly with skill cards. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT 200$

i just do not see how people can enjoy this game. The game is just coasting off the franchise.. They really need to improve the gameplay and the events might feel less boring then.



why the heck is the game so hard? i like the chibi characters though

Ikki Tousen


it seems like a waste of time, gameplay is like most other games where your units walk forward and fight enemies and you use skills. No real innovative twist or annything. The game also seems to be aiming for the whales with the "spend 100 dollars to buy and power up this character". Sadly the game also lacks what the series is known for: fanservice. Treat this game like Lu Bu and DO NOT PURSUE.

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Need a group that can help me figure out the game. I love it and want to improve my abilities Read Note
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