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You need to pay the first "Free SSR" pulls

Yeap you read that right, thank you devs for letting me know not to continue play your game from the earliest gameplay reward you give me as a player

Uninstalled right away to not wasting time

Overall is a mediocre game with mediocre gameplay, graphics and system is updated from previous version

The character set is also much better.. but yeah, the devs are desperate to get return as fast as they can, can be seen from the paywall for "Free SSR" pulls early game

such a shame

Path to Nowhere


Good graphics, upgraded gameplay of tower defense, top knotch VA

If you like tactical tower defense with beautiful art and voice this is a game for you

However after the early opening "happy hour" with tons of free stuff, coming to 2nd week of playing it seems the daily rewards is kinda bad so it makes people disinterested and detach from the game.

Seeing lots of ppl fleeing the game already, such a shame

really need to improve the daily rewards to motivate and rejuvenate the community since tbh this is a good game

Memento Mori


This game is dying hard, the progression wall is too much, the rewards for playing daily is too low

I feel bad since I like the graphics, art quality, VA... but damn the developer is so stingy with the rewards thus making this game dying so fast

I think 70% players already gone, sad state

Yeap its officially abandoned game, the previous banner cant be pull anymore even on normal banner

Dailies still tedious and boring, rewards getting sad each day

Feels weird and pity at the same time for this game, its like the dev intentionally want pepo to leave

Grimlight | Global


This game had everything going for them except the connection issues, the login, loading and disconnection is such a huge hindrance, however with how much the devs its transparent, Im confident it will be fix as soon as possible

The arts is gorgeous topped with great music, even put lots of effort in the story, I had great expectation for this game

Diablo Immortal | Global


Just a reminder it took 9 years to develop this crappy games, i guess all tha 8 years went to the monetization, this is just 2010s mobile mmorpgs slap with diablo IP on top, dont waste ur data and time

I considered blizz dead at this point killin their IP one bucks at a time

Anima of Quantmix


Game Language = English

Let me start... this game is mediocre but after prolong play the flaw became apparent by the minutes

1. The loading is basically everywhere and hinder the fluidity of gameplay

2. Rewards so sux beyond believe, daily, event login, heck even new player rewards not even 1 Highest grade character given

3. Ads? i dont mind that, but the rewards for ads is basically 1 gem ( you need 30 to even get 1 pull), its so disgusting like spitting on the player face

These kind of games are basically cancer for gacha games community as a whole, just spawn to leech and died as fast

Time Defenders


First of all I like to appreciate the Char design which looks amazing whether its 2d or 3d, the voice can be upgraded a bit especially in main screen since the character will always says the same thing unless u click it after

Its not an easy game per say since you either need good team (lucky) or overlevel some of the stage but the good thing is you better bring various kind of class since its needed to be balance here and some of the stage encourage you to fail first to see the enemy pattern but overall its a tactic game , i dont have any gripe with it

Howeverrr, the game feels restricted... the character placement = restricted, the camera = restricted, the dispatch = restricted to x100 (damn i got 3k stamina i want to waste everything), skip stage = restricted (skip tickets needed)

This game had so much beauty and content but all feels restricted, I hope it can be upgraded with the flow of time since this game have huge potential

Overall just try it and expect nothing (dont compare it to other games coz it will never be the same)

Sin Chronicle


The art is superb and all VA have their own characteristic loved em..

However the gameplay really weird on how they want to make it into "open field" which is not open at all its basically spam attack on enemy same as other turned based role play games, doesnt matter ur archer, mage or mellee attacker all can get into the same range either way so its pointless, even the boss can chase ur range attacker even though u ran away the furthest u can at start of the battle, make it more pointless

Without daily login, opening event login, i dunno how to get gacha currency its choking as hell and i think in the future u gonna have 10x gacha currency every 1 month of saving

Its a shame since this game have a great potential just need to cut some flaw and increase rewards for playing

aint gonna invest on a game who dont want to invest the best for the gamer

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