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I really really love the characters and the new style but the language barrier is my biggest problem.
unlike CGSS and MLTD, this game is not a rhythm game and you need to understand japanese to play this game properly.
otherwise you have to check guides and google translate all the time.
overall this is a very good game and i really hope the SC franchise will get bigger and bigger and eventually get it's own rhythm game. (or much better, english support)

tottally F2P friendly. you can get a LOT of costumes and SSR FOR FREE.
Gacha pull is not bad and the developer is very generous. they often give free 10x roll.
There is event almost every week. (one week for small event and the next week is big event that comes with new song and free costume)
the language can be a problem for some people but it's totally worth it, trust me.

10/10 one of the best "waifu collector" game if not the best.

cant enter the game, stuck at loading screen saying 100/100 but the game never starts

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how was the gameplay of this game? like girls frontline? Read Note
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