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vr lover ^_^
AmonAmond 20447547

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vr lover ^_^
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just wow

need help how can i purchase stuff in the game play market wont let me do so bicose i am not in japan=>>>

I found a solution OMG (not me but some dude on YouTube explains how to change the country in playmarket 😍😍

nice one but need more nudity!!!![睡覺][睡覺][睡覺]

авто бой все портит персонажи сами все делают твоё участие минимальное[發怒] игру не спасает даже русский язык

Evangelion Battlefields


мне не понравились [發困]
не хватает сочности что ли[汗顏]

My Hero Academia


nice game [色色]

awesome game cool characters i am lvl 59 all ready [哇噻]

disappointed really disappointed i was expecting something much more :(

there is update but i cant download it any idea whay ?

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