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i like this game because i am the fans of date a live. The reason i like is that shido try his own menthod to protect all spirit from the ast attack. Even others people like D.E.M try to kill them, shido will use his own way (DATE) and ratatosk will try to assist him to avoid d.e.m., ellen mira for hurting all spirit[開心]

This game is very good to play since it is RPG and user can hit enemy in the same time able to read the story. It's quite fun because user can imagize their ownself as a hero in the same time fight those enemy and make the world peace. The anime and manga quite famous where anyone will know it

This game similar like azur lane and the different is one is battle in the land while the other one is battle in the water. The control is quite unique where we able to evade the enemy attack. The art is quite good and is fun to play on it

The game system guide good since user can control their character when will be able to use the skill at the suitable time and also teamwork is necessary in this game. In short, the character very cute since sword art online fans must try on it

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i like this game because the graphic is very beautiful and the character is very cute. It is quite famous that this game has held a tournament for all player to test whether how fast they can win the battle which the final tournament Asia incoming. In short, the story and event quite wonderful if you keep on track on it and they like to take some part theory to refer which anime when in any event and story if you watch many anime Read Note
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