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filthy gaijin
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filthy gaijin
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Ikoi Note


japanese idol start in the 60s with the first idol group johnnys

sakamichi series is the best idol group franchise in the world

Keyaki no Kiseki


pretty nice puzzle games, the idol cards is the main hook on this game, theres tons of it

this is a great game for sakamichi series fans like me, have some unique gameplay element, while the chibi sprite looks cheap but the idols pictures are pretty good compensation for it



Magnifique, japanese idols has been part of my life since the golden age of morning musume back in early 2000, and Sakamichi group has been my obsession since 2011, btw about the game, its awesome, the production value is very high, sad the gacha rate sucks, but hearing keyaki and hiragana/hinata beautiful songs with meaningful lyrics always keep me from stop playing and just having fun

Ikki Tousen


honestly, this game is an insult to the franchise, everything is cheaply and poorly designed.

my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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