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No more NSFW notes guys, I've been muted indefinitely and I'm on my journey of redemption. See you guys later (+﹏+)~
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No more NSFW notes guys, I've been muted indefinitely and I'm on my journey of redemption. See you guys later (+﹏+)~
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The Battle Cats | English


Cat Rule The World =͟͟͞͞( •̀д•́)

Blue Archive | Japanese


Great artwork as well as some Live 2D backgrounds for some of the characters.

Pretty good storyline with top tier voice acting.

Reroll takes about 10 or 20 minutes. Gacha rate is 3% with shard system like in priconne. You can also unlock some 3 stars by farming hard stages like in priconne.

Gameplay: Likes GFL you can choose to activate the girl's skills whenever u like.

Graphics: chibi in combat, live 2D on home screen. Noice.

STORY: The story is decent, it revolves around the player being a teacher being assigned to be the head of different schools and lead all these highschool girls. With the advisor went missing mysteriously, players are also acting as the advisor of the student council and have to investigate what happened.

GACHA: I think it's a pretty decent gach rate,3 star rates are 2.5%, 2 stars 18.5%, 1 star 79%. U can get 40 diamonds from reading main story, 20 from each mission, you can also get additional diamonds from beginner's mission.

Hope you( Sensei) guys collect more cute high school girls. ( ゚∀゚)o彡゚

Last Cloudia | Japanese


An COOL real time action RPG fitted with likeable heroes and a good handful of unique characters to pull for.

The graphics of this game is great , the developers utilizes the 2.5D environment the best of mobile phones can handle.
The music sounds interesting and i fukin love it
The gameplay is great, there is alot of depth to it but I'm still newb in the game. Movement manual is locked behind an item you can purchase in the shop

I cant read Japanese, but the story so far is interesting.
Overall, I'm enjoying this game and I'll continue to play itt

Wonder Planetes


Great graphics with many provocative images will make it difficult for you to concentrate both hands to play

Gameplay: small flight area keeps combat and movent fast paced. if you centure out of the combat area u take damage. Different characters probably differentt atrack patterns to utilize.

You should try the uncensored ver for the best experience ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Story: Its about a apocalyptic zombie world with ur waifu called Seed Fire. On the world is full of Zombie and you become the commanding officer of girls group to fight it and reveal the mistery of it.

Sound:  nothing special but the overall tone as what I hear is on the spot.  Sometime you will hear an eerie sound in menu or when changing screen but when in battle the upbeat music kicks in.

Graphic: this game really have a nice 2d art and 3D rendering well sometime kind of akward but u will see ur waifu boing boing.

Game play: I've been playing this game awhile and realize its easy to play. Characters are well designed and lovable. I haven't spent much time on it yet but I like the whole process including story lines.

Clash Of Sky丨English


good chibi graphics and gameplay need improvement on sound.Other than that, this game really doesn't stand out

Orphans Order


Typical turnbased rpg game, good graphic but every menu screen or cut screen will always loading and Don't forget bind ur acc to Dmm or u will reroll again



The mobile ver is not really as good as the web ver and it made me quite disappointed, now the game is not as attractive as it was when it came out.

Soul Tide | Japanese


This is a dungeon with turn based combat, with too many descriptions about units skill . Maybe need waiting Eng language version is a better decision.

Story is about human and witch conflict, player as a summoner who can use dolls from the soul of little Moe girl to fight witches.

Azur Lane | Japanese


It's time for Weigh Anchor!

Dating with a guns doesn't sound bad ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


Lots of servers and with games like that I often have a bad feeling

Everything is fine except the plot is not interesting, come here and create your own harem, btw the game has some unsensored scenes [鬼臉]

Like I'm playing Persona xD

Brave Frontier | Global


Try it! [厲害]

The graphics are impressive and allow you to edit your characters in detail

Iron and steel are also very charming at times

Game of Dice


With strong decks you can outplay other players ez

If you are a good Kouhai senpai you won't be able to ignore this!

Destiny Child | Global


THICC!, That's all

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