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Without pain, the body suffers in silence.
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Without pain, the body suffers in silence.
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lets get to the reason your here.
waifus ✅
uncensored patch ✅
H scenes ✅
Mozambique here ❌
Visuals & Art ✅
Can run on potato phone ✅
High storage usage ✅
Waifus thirsty for Vitamin D ✅
Milk trucks ✅
Husbandos with thicc bulge ❌
Mecha Waifus ✅

Seven Knights ll|Global


lets cut to the chase. this game is almost like those auto click but with a flare. meaning you control the skills, individual characters, movement, so you can choose between free movement or auto. i played korea until now and my only complaint is the power wall which means either grinding daily for better gear or paying money for a better gear, pet, or character. iits fun only if your into seven knights but expect something that will mostly be a idle game which 70% of the time your watching the screen unless its a boss or tower dungeon which require manual dodging

Blue Archive | Global


well what more can i say than its a game we played on other severs yet the only difference is the one handling it . Nexon which we know anything they touch is either filled with MTS or get shut down. so my advice is dont invest too much unless you see its potential or growth (generoisity) like pre-register rewards or 30x guaranteed summon. either way a great game to kill time but its only flaw is Nexon. enjoy boiis see yall in the outlands (Mozambique here)

Diablo Immortal | Global


well lets see for starters its made by NetEase. which we know is one of the imperial evils that touches anything and it becomes a cash grab. stay away from this dev they will pen you raw and SmackDown and some slap slap

Eden's Door | Japanese



Operation Black Arc M


PS its not an DMM game. its the typical chinese vip building and attack castle like clone. looking at the images it looks like another castle defense clone that has VIP and attacking bases im sure yall seen this game. the typical build your base, get resources, etc. quick money cash grab game. definitely avoid it unless your into those endless mindless castle games.

GRAN SAGA | Korean


Alright. Let's get a few things straight off the bat.
GranSaga is not for everyone. It's long, it gets harder after you surpass a certain CP (COMBAT POWER) . and this is not the friendliest of games towards new players since not having enough CP later will get you stuck ultimately grinding dailies to raise your CP

think of this game as Seven Knights 2 but your able to control your legends and more freedom to explore compated to it being linear. Gacha is the same the high tier heroes have an advantage over regular heroes. my only hope is the gacha rates are better than the usual 1-0.3%. (SSR) you can get a free SSR if have a Korean telephone number on their site and other rewards.

But with this new publisher, the game is a lot better off than other auto battle mmos
The GM's are more active and communicate with the community in Korean. HelpDesk tickets get answered for the most part within a week as opposed to a month. There is little to no Lag. (You'll get the occasional spike that'll last a minute or two) overall its a good game and youll enjoy it if you like black desert mobile/seven knights 2/Toram online..

remember kids! if you see a Mozambique or wingman pls ping it!

Seven Knights ll|Korean


No such thing as auto aim ladies -Bangalore (Anita Williams)

is this OBT data wipe or data remains?

Last Cloudia | Japanese


it's similar to FFBE. the game has a persona, character gacha which is fustrating but at least it gives us the ability to build on certain characters. I got the samurai demon Hunter from the free summon so I'll keep playing and see how it goes. it has potential so I can see collaborations in the future and other nice stuff , I highly recommend keeping your gems for future characters. overall it's a great game if you like Sprite combat with those final fantasy brave exvius cut scenes and story. MC reminds me of rain [不滿]

impressions: similar to epic 7 but in 3D. has the link skill chance after attacking , characters have awakenings certain units. has 3 skills to use (1) which is an ultimate. I'll keep playing it since it has nice waifus and pulled 2 4× legendary units which is high tier at the moment. highly recommend if you also play turn based games like seven knights or epic 7. who knows they might make it English along the way if it gets good. I give it 5 qoo eggs / 5 qoo eggs

Gigantic X


Hey guys [怪笑]! I highly recommend this game. it's basically a run N shoot. you have skills and can upgrade your arsenal. you have a choice of 3 character with unique abilities. the level design is absolutely magnificent. this is one game you definitely have to try . come on man! what are you waiting for! download it now! [不滿] 这太酷了

Wonder Gravity


it's so cool! like OMG dude. gotta try this man.

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