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Indonesian | The ultimate shut-in. Outside world is too "overrated". Doing what I want because ************ I don't break any law.
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Indonesian | The ultimate shut-in. Outside world is too "overrated". Doing what I want because ************ I don't break any law.
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Action Taimanin | Global


someone recommend this to me and... I like it. I still need to get used to the gameplay and the mechanics etc.

maybe one thing I want to say to that person. you should've told me there's PC port I could play xD

edit: this person below just rip the words off of my mouth

I think it's like that old Captain Tsubasa/Shaolin Soccer game on PS2... using character's skill to play hockey.

as much as anime game goes, graphic is okay. cards are beautiful, and chibis are cute too.

Can't enjoy their song with only 20 seconds of final period. I need more. or did I miss something? Definitely gonna check out for more of them.

gameplay is fine, though mainly just deciding wether to use skill or not, and swapping players. raising them is as usual. too grindy for beginner, but will eventually easy.

didn't read the story so let's skip it

Keeping this for a while... but personally, I won't invest too much time in it

Genshin Impact


this one's for gilbert and I don't have that much motivation to search for new games lately.

as far as "anime" styled games goes, the graphic is awesome in high settings. (yes, I was once went to internet cafe just to feel the 60fps high graphics) for my phone, it's also great.

depends on your character preferences, the gameplay could be super cool to real crap. they give new content regularly, as a casual to not to hard gamer I am, it's an almost perfect style. not so unpopular opinion, I like resin system. sure it could be improved, but I see it as their way to tell you to come back later. gacha rate, I agree it shit, but the pity system balanced it out. my one of a few complain though, is the artefacts grinding, where they rng-ed everything. [暈][暈][暈]

I forgot the reason why I started playing this game. but I'm staying for the Archon Quest. if I am to rate the story, Archon Quest holds the highest. Story Quest/hangout could be polished. event story definitely need some refinement.

now for the bgm. it is great as it is. but sometimes, I don't catch the feel of some bgm. mostly battle bgm.

overall this is a game I'll keeping. no promises. but I really want to see the twins trully reunited (or fought each other). if someone forced me to choose one game to keep for my entire life and give up others, I'll definitely choose to beat the hell out of him.

now I'll wait for my gilbert frame.



Never played ygo b4. now tempted to learn. it didn't give much graphical work like summonning actual monster. instead just online card playing. like you would UNO Online, then do some card effect, strategy, counting, etc.

didn't pay attention muct to the sound but I think it fits to this game.

the game give me just the right guide about how to basic play. now what I should do is to build my deck and strategizing my game.

no story, is it?

I'm keeping this game for a while and occasionally duel with my friends....

nothing much I can say. I love their song. and if another game is being developed, I'd like that it would be rhythm again.

only played for 3 days and...

YES everything about this game is great.
*not everything, I still struggling with the chara building

is it a post apocalyptic setting. got the atmosphere right from the graphic and sound. gameplay also addictive, like that one game... I finished the first story and haven't skipped any story. they're all awesome.

but why 4/5 value? because I'm not sure if I will invest my time with this. as I already have much game...

Blue Archive | Global


what's with the big rating difference from japan ver.?


overall gameplay is fine. except I'm not sure what to say about it's auto and sweeping system. someday, I'll log in to the game waste my AP sweeping a lot of stage cz my level is not high enough to do new mission. I don't even think about strategy cz auto can take care of it.

I say it's good having that chat system with character but most of the story did not engaging to say the least.

I'm not sure I'll keeping this game for at least a month. no, I'm sure I'll uninstall it within a couple days. if you're into a cute catgirls and the like, mostly wanted to interact with them, enjoy command auto gameplay, plus, in a chibi form, this one might perfect for you.

but I'll pass...

despite all the bugs that still intact, this is a perfect game for Tensura fans. there's so little game adaptation that could pulled of such nice gameplay and graphics.

I love turn based game. it gives me time to build stategy, and the unique mechanism had me work my brain hard. (no, winning is easy as long as ep is huge. I'm trying to get that 6 combo) and character building is complex but easily understandable.

welp, personally, I'm not a fan of this anime (never watch, never wanted to). I'm just looking for a new game over time. even after I tried to bear with the story for 2 chapter, it just don't excite me [白眼]

the other aspect is just great overall. I bet if I just could invest myself in Tensura, I'd give this game 5/5 rating.

I played this like, 5 years ago and stopped 2 years later. then Persona baited me. so this is my current view on this game.

why didn't they change the UI even a bit. I'm not complaining the layout design, that's it's originality. but the icons, buttons, etc. looks... outdated to me.

not gonna compare with other rhythm games I've played cz I'll definitely biased. their songs are great in their own class. even I still listen to it when I feel like it.

now as far as I could tell, it's gameplay is my favorite among all rhythm games I've played. with it's master difficulties having slide note, and there was an arcade challenge. perfect.

honestly, the main story is fine. but the event story kinda, to put it blantly, boring. perhaps they know that most of the players only cares about the cards but not the story itself.

for now, I'll play only for that Persona collabs. in the meantime, I may or may not get addicted again with this idol hell...



alright I've been playing this for a week and this one is great. I'm quite neutral about this game's graphic, but it's a good one.

quality of the sound itself is not bad, but it's kind of earful. but muting it is even less helping. no choice other than bear with it.

the gameplay is great for a casual game. hero building is also easy. just need to move around evading the incoming attack, and stop moving while it's safe enough. attack is automatic when the hero is not moving.

overall, this is a great casual game to kill time while waiting for a bus. but not a game to spend your planned gaming time.

*review versi br rilis
device: POCO X3 Pro, MIUI 12.5
android: 11

additional setting,
game turbo: on
miui optimization: on
game setting: rata kanan

dr segi grafis dan suara, sama kaya jp lah ya... ini kan cuma versi global. jadi, personally, bagus gila. krn gw g terlalu suka suara vocaloid, pakenya versi vocal SEKAI. tp lagu2 vocaloid emg keren2.

story ny pake bhs inggris jadi lebih ngerti jg. tapi... yaudah sih itu aja. ga boring tp ga terlalu terikat juga.

gameplay... harus gw tweak dulu bbrp settinganny biar maenny enak. tapi hasilny udh lancar banget. sayang masih laggy dikit2 klo maen 3d live ato mv. (yha... biasany maen jp jg mode lite)

Pokemon Unite


ga pernah suka moba. ga terlalu ngikutin pokemojln jg. tp seru sih. rules ny g susah2 amat. role ny jelas. paling nyari pokemon in hand ny aja yg bingung. klo w maen multi di online sukany support atau healer aj :3

tp tetep ga suka moba.

I just wanted to add this to my profile. skip it...

just to let out the thing I want to say. for those who compare this with bandori saying this and that: they're both Bushiroad's music franchise... of course it'll looks alike. at least give it a time...

but yeah it got lag when I releasing the long notes

edit(2/19): bought new phone with miui, it got even worse. flashed custom ROM, now I played with all effect checked 60fps smoothly. *didn't change my rating

just wanted to add this to my favorite, look the other review instead [睡覺]

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