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Thicc thighs save lives
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Thicc thighs save lives
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Clash Of Sky丨English


its aight

pretty ladies pretty fun

People are stupid and can't read "Pre download". Thinking their game is broken or the release is delayed. The only thing to worry about is this is going to have some NFT related schemes in it. Well, that and the fact that it's run by Netmarble.

It's Arknights Geass

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


This game is pretty awful. Not only is it a boring af IP as another Fairy Tail clone BUT it also runs terribly. I feel like I could cook a full course meal before this game even loads. Armour system is pretty lame too, either rely on RNG or pay money for the 10x drop rates, also, only being able to do treasure planet once a day?? All in all, the game stinks and has a free and paid currency. Don't bother playing unless you love this crap.

dems girls got tig ol bitties

Figure Fantasy | English


Looks nice but insanely p2p and p2w

Hella pretty worth playing



This game is hella fun, just pvp is hard cause there's a lot of sweats

This game is fun, its just way too buggy. With every update they "fix" bugs then 10 more come with that.

Eden's Door | Japanese


This game is pretty damn fun. I can't understand any of it but that isn't dampering my experience at all! It's extremely grindy, pretty f2p (I have a couple ssr and some sr and haven't spent anything). Fun combat, can be a lil jank but if you know to move your character mid combo then it's no issue. Character's look and sound really nice. They give out a lot, and I mean A LOT, of stamina for you to farm and farm. Rewards are pretty hefty and you don't even really need dupes for characters, you can just farm the 3 shard a day missions. PvP isn't live btw, it's an AI fighting against you and they're pretty easy to abuse. All in all, worth your time as a second game if you need something to do whilst auto'ing your main.

Lord of the Other World


Good time killer. Very heavy farming. If you wanna speed through the game then you're better off spending money. If you rush your city Hall too fast and not level your units then you'll be heavily restricted to just fighting the rebels next to your city. Make sure you're gradually raising everything together. Essentially, f2p is a slow, casual kinda playthrough. P2w is speeding through to get to arena, ruins and territory battles. I wouldn't really advise spending money on this game, enjoy the grind, take it slow.

Shining Maiden | English


What is there to say? Cute waifus, fun gameplay, so many summons for free, skip tickets, easy to get into. This game is really good for both the casual and hardcore. Levelling is easy, raising equipment doesn't take forever nor do you have to farm for different equips. Stages are super generous with drops, especially if you can do the harder stages later. You get so much stuff just given to you in this game, you pretty much don't need to spend a dime.


I was out here thinking that it was gonna be like the Skullgirls game. Being able to fight people with my Noelle and such. Both fortunately and unfortunately it's a gacha like FGO. It's pretty fun to play, you can either chain your skills efficiently or just let auto destroy everything. Gacha is pretty good, kinda annoying cause there's characters and the support cards in the same summon. I got 2 5* in one summon and thought they were characters, only to be a bit disappointed. Farming is pretty easy, same with account levelling, I have exp crystals capped and overflowing in my mailbox already. All in all, its a fun gacha of a great franchise.

X-HERO: Idle Avengers


Heroes go brrr

Exos Heroes


Super fun, super grindy. PvP is kinda aids rn with the FC Anastasia and Zeon. Rates are kinda eh, there's a pity system but it's only if you're like, over 20 summons on the banner, you do get a free character after a shaft multi then a 5* after 10 shafts. Super good visuals, can run at high qual 60fps. Make sure you get a decent reroll like Anastasia or Baraka!

Weird how this is still in pre-register phase when it's already out.

Low storyline rating because we haven't had any story update for a very long time. If you want a game to milk you harder than a cowboy at ram ranch then this is the game for you! (Or FGO if you're a masochist) The gameplay is pretty simplistic but fun, making category teams, mixing characters, *cough* nuking *cough*. The rates can be pretty bad at times, some people will spend hundreds of stones on banners whilst others can spend 5 on a single and get a damn LR. Play if you want that milking and interested IN the Dragon Ball franchise, just don't expect story [no].

This game is pretty damn fun. The graphics are smooth, characters look very good for a mobile moba. The fps and ping spike sometimes, sadly it's gotten me killed off of some streaks but it's alright. Sometimes the game also closes on me but I'm chalking that up to my phone. I hope they release a lot of characters in the future, I saw some videos about there being Hero Academia and Mob Psycho in the game, would be pretty hype if we got them on global. In hindsight, get this game. Be prepared to have a couple of game closes if your phone is a bit older though. [汗顏]

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