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a very fun game all around. a must play if your looking for something new.



Could be a good game all they really have to do is
1. add better gun control. sometimes when you move the shooting slider you are still aiming in previous spot and you have to let go to also feels stiff some angles are harder to aim at than others which is weird.
2. add more game modes. it feels lacking I played four matches before making this review and got 20+ kills every match with 1 or less deaths each time.
3. could add things that make it skill based at this point guerilla tactics would be the only recognizable strat instead of running out blazing at people.

Yakuza ONLINE | Japanese


so seems there is no rerolling on this game ( unless you can do it through game settings or some other complex way since clearing data brings you back to where you were prior to clearing your data) guess I can just enjoy the game and not pressure myself on reroll then either way I'm fine with it

Helix Waltz | English


Nice change of pace was looking for a game that differntiated from most games I play or have played and this fits the bill,so far doesn't look like you need to make micro transactions to enjoy the game. I can see myself playing long term as long as there is events and new content updates to keep me going.

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