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It's a project I've been following since announcement. It is very dear to me and I loved the seiyuus as well. I don't care what people think about this game, I'm really happy that it is finally released and I'm enjoying every single part of it. Thank you 🅱️ega

Starry Palette


Gacha rate is good. Lets you reroll if you just started playing. Graphics are great. Live gameplay probably needs more tweaking. Not much feature ...There's nothing much to do besides doing lives...

On Air!


While the gameplay is kinda similar to Ensemble Stars!, it feels more complex and fun! I hope the events is not boring, and has more variety (like A3! events). My only issue would be with the boy named Mikado, wow good looking, dark hair , seems like my type then boom he talks about panties...what's the appeal in that girlies [開心]

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just a heads up, the minimum requirement for android is at least 3gb ram, 1gb memory and android 5 so if the game lags it means your phone just have low specs Read Note
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