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Don't Even 20207000

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Monster Strike | Japanese


Pretty nice game. Wish the rates were a little better for 5 and 6 stars tho

Well fun gameplay, but at some point only getting 3 star battle units and only getting above 3 stars when you get assist gets old. Playing as the same 4 star characters gets boring and only pulling assist is also boring.

Epic Seven


Good graphics trash game.

There's quite a lot of english built into it which is awesome. The game is fun and of course turn based. The rates are pretty decent especially compared other gacha games that are floating around right now.

OVERHIT | Japanese


this game is beautiful, fun and bright gameplay. But the rates are filthy. .111% chance for each ssr individually ssr..really?
you get a lot of currency from story and missions but That's reallly bad. And jp is better than global yet its still bad.. Not like its anything new though. Now and days 1% chance of getting an ssr is becoming the normal. Idk why these companies think that giving players even more than 99% chance of getting nothing decent whatsoever will make people want to play the game..

Hopefully will go global so i can actually read lol. The game crashing is a big problem. Update like 6 months later and still crashes constantly.

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