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Quitting Gacha Game.
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Quitting Gacha Game.
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Resuscitation Girl


Imagine CR* with portal mechanic that make the navigation feel convoluted and frustrating at the same times then this is it, this is the game.

I didn't mean to hate on this CR clone or anything but man does this game feel way too frustrating to play.. For most of the part sure it explains how the game mechanics work with images and video, but it also had text pop-up that supposed to shows text that tells you how to use this and that but instead it shows nothing.. So you end up knowing nothing about the game mechanics and top of that after you finish with the game mechanics introduction you were thrown into PvP and you barely knows how to play. WHAT A GREAT START RIGHT? Duh... NOPE.

The only good thing I found from the game is it had English language, that's about it I guess?

Should you try it?

NO, but uh well... Depends if you want to experience it by yourself, but otherwise go look for another CR clone that less frustrating than this one.

The English version is finally arrived..shall we talk about it?

First thing first i kinda expected that the trans gonna be bad because the cbt player is somehow kinda helping them to translate which is not a good idea, but most of the translations were patched to fix the bad translation, so there's that. (Although the bad TL still present in some side story and at the beginning of the story, which hopefully gonna be fixed sooner).

Second yeah the game is NICHE not in the bad way but.. Yeah it had the budget but the audience was rather small.

With that out of the way i'm gonna talk why this game was loved by its fans.

-Art : The game had live2D characters and also costume that features unique animation for the wearer, but the one that steal the show for me is the mecha art.. Because it looks great!
-Music : If you're the fans of Hiroyuki S music you're in for the treat because it had many awesome music and to top it off individual mecha and characters their own theme music.
-Characters : It had waifu and it had husbando each come with unique design and skill to match up your preference.
-Story : The game also had some good story and side story and it had it own theme and references to the other franchise such as cowboy bebop and etc.

-Bad Ai : Like it's really bad... Sometimes your AI did their job well and sometimes they're braind dead, especially in pvp.
-Stingy Stamina : Yes... You read it right the stamina filled really slow, although they're giving you free 50 stamina in the bar 2X but it can be missed if you didn't get it on the right time which is kinda frustrating.
-Slow Progression : I mean.. Its not bad per se, but the game really had a slow progression even if you spend money and stuff you still had a long way to reach the point of stability, some can bear with slow progression and some don't, but if you manage to stick around you might find the fun.

The game was good overall and it kinda feels like a rough gem, but if you like what you heard so far it doesn't hurt to try the game.

OH~! My Office


"Good little casual time killer"

Gameplay was fairly simple and easy to understand, the chibi art also cutely drawn and the story were actually good.

Though sadly the control kinda... unresponsive especially the punishment action, when you already do what it told you to do (Hold down the staff member a lil' bit longer) sometimes the character just smack it with his stick instead of hammer which is kinda annoying since it's one the main action you must do.

Last Origin | Korean


Despite the game already fully released, it's still a buggy mess either it was exploitable bug, programming bug, and there's a lot more.

Oh don't forget this game also... had balancing issues despite the fact this game being only single player only.

Sure... the game had a charm from the character design and the higher resolution chibi art but that's about it.

Does it have end game content other than grinding and building your team ? Sadly in the current situation is none to be seen.

But does it the game had a hope to become better game ? unfortunately i kinda doubted it will happen sooner because they never fixed their buggy game and to make it worse they only creating more bug instead of getting rid of it.

I'm not by any means hating on this game but i just can't recommend it enough.

P.S. Yeah this is censored version, and censorship is suck.

Buki yo Saraba | Japanese


The game is now dead... and the service is already terminated, but regardless this game is close to "warrior/musou" experience in pocket size and it also a good one at that.

R.I.P thank you for the experience.

"Hey... it's like CR clone oh wait, it's different but actually kinda felt like one it's weird isn't?"

So what makes the game differ from that said genre well you could say the first thing is, there's no more turret and the spawnable unit is limited only to 5 unit which is make the game more intense and also strategic at the same time.

Is it still same old unbalanced kind of thing ?, uh this one is kinda obvious tbh the first time you step into pvp you got match with the same rank opponents which is good right like the other game that has the same genre and then when you already reach rank forth (class 1/D) things start to tooks turn, sure they pits you against same ranks but at the same time one rank ahead enemy start to show.. n so on.

Tbh i really harsh with that statement but i reassured you this one is actually good one, but it got ruined by constant unskippable skill cut-in that also has a small chance to make your game freeze in the middle of battle which is kinda shame.

Last Origin


It's already open for all and i must say, it's a decent game tbh and if you already play some other game like girl front and stella maid it just felt similar in one way or another except the battle system is more like turn based strategy (?).

Although if you didn't understand the language it still playable, because the game is really easy to understand except the equipment and the story tho.

I like the art though but yeah... like other korea game with girl collectors, the art range start from risque to lewd but it's tame as girl front (?), but for the sound part though... it's kinda bad because it's really low/weak even tho you max the volume slider on the option and the device, it's still felt like quiet game tbh even the va voice is felt like being consumed by the music and sfx combined.

Oh and also about the server problem from the closed beta it's still there.. other than that it's just a decent game as an alt for the girl front for me tho.

It's decent a decent game aside from the cute chibi character and stuff, and the game also feature autoplay in the game where it play automatically.

The soundtrack was good and the character voice is also good because it was from the anime cast (?).

Tbh i really love the chibi sprite it's just really great and it wasn't feel like it was make from box/paper cut-out which is a great thing in my books.

As for the story... idk if it's continue from where the anime or manga left out or just straight take spin-off route because either i don't understand japanese or don't follow the series in the first place.

It's a decent game overall if you want more gacha with ninja/shinobi girl aesthetic.

It's a decent game to kill your time while you don't have anything interesting to do, unlike any match 3 this one is unique on it's own way rather than your original swipe left and right to match the puzzle this one let's you control it and match as many as you like so you can fill those combo to make your damage bigger and satisfying.

Even though like other say the end game is kinda hard to access and etc, it's still a good game to kill your free time.

Global version is here and the language barrier has been removed, at long last the waiting has been paid off !

Gameplay is similar as Danmachi because this game is the first one to use that kind of gameplay and Danmachi also been developed by the same dev as this game.

Art and grapich is well done from the character, scenery, enemy and boss is just really amazing.

Ost really superb and the voice acting is good.

It's an full length single player experience jrpg and it's free, you have to try it.

Stella Maiden (KR)


Imagine if shmup meet real time strategy and this game was the answer.

At first glance the gameplay looks similar as Azur L, but few differences is the fact that all of activities such as collecting resource, repairing, and developing a reflectstar (ship) is done in realtime, the game is also feature open world exploration so you can fly around the space while collecting resource, fighting enemy, and discovering new base (planet ?).

Art is also good with the anime kind of style from korea (cough), and also the ui is really blend with the theme, the sprite well you know it's rather okayish.

The sound well even though it has no VA (currently) the music is kinda meh, but the sfx sound is good to make you feel like shooting laser gun a'la star wars style

Try it out if you want more collecting waifu games.

Loved it... so far tho,

It feels like the traditional strategic game with the touch of modern things, which enhanced the feel for the game quite a bit.

The gameplay plays like traditional srpg, you got that the triangle of advantages against certain type of unit and the unit evolution or class change, also you can explore the past storyline from the previous entries

The soundtrack sounds really good with the remix of the old track from the previous entries makes it feels like the reminiscent of the old running franchise

The art also looking good with the animated sprite and the portrait making the game feels an sort of remaster or remade for the entries

check this out if you want another good srpg on the go !

Re:Volvers 8


Like another CR clone... it plays same as that.

It's not that bad but if you already played similar game is just same but with more different art style, so called "Balanced" matchmaking, ost, and minor change in gameplay such as camera angle, skill and leader system.

I may sound too harsh on the game but it already played out harsh itself, the fact sometimes you got enemy from the next tier arena in your match it just nonsense, like they have the next tier card with your current tier card high level it just not fair.

P.S the game just came out yesterday and i am indeed aware of that, and also i aware the fact they give out free next tier card if you reach that next tier.. and yes it is "balanced" as of current state but i don't know for the longer term though.

Finally... the one that can be playable under 500+ ping.

Murder Maiden


"It's like an eroge doujin tier game"

No pun intended it is feel and look like that, but with that being said it's not really a bad game in fact this game is good like dmm tier game though.

The thing i should mention:

~The potrait/drawing is animated that means it was live2d waifu come to live.. sort of.

~The bgm for battle is dope... it's cannon yeah old classic cannon that been speed up with remix/nightcore is awesome.

~The sprite... is generic tbh, it's not bad it just like doujin tier game sprite.

And i guess that's that.

P.s to say about the game being stingy with rates or some sort, it feels like to early tbh, i guess i keep that aside "for now".

Dawn of the Breakers


Average game from switch that been ported to mobile.

The control works.. just works like todd howard would say because it felt really awkward and janky i mean it felt like they really wanted to implemented 2 kind of control scheme between one hand operating and two hand operating, it just weird tbh.

The story well yeah it's good but it just like any other stereotypes power ranger esque where it combines the daily activity and action, some people also said it was like persona but i disagree because it wasn't similar at all.

The art just like their other game getamped and also the voice acting is just kinda feel half-assed or inconsistent, i mean there was a time all the char speak and suddenly few of them become radio silent and stay like that until you completed the segment.

And the gameplay well it's same as your beat em'up mobile game except when you initiate the quest the game become monopoly esque.

It's not bad it's just average.

Destiny Child | Global


Same as japanese version that got censored except now you can easily navigate thru menu and stuff because the language barrier is now gone, the one thing that make this game stand out from the other gacha is the fact that this game was friendly, untill the recent update that introduced the VIP system and literally make the game appeals gone from 75 to 0 in an instant.

I.. never though this game was fun and rewarding at the same time, at first i though this is gonna be like any other anniversary game for long running franchise but i was wrong.

The gameplay is consisting the same turn based combat like the previous entry but the uniqueness is came from the strategically play, even though you have SS unit or S unit it doesn't mean it will carry you to the end of the story because the enemy can/will wiped out you entire team in one scoop, not because the fact the enemy was difficult to deal with but the game has advantage system like the strategic game.

The drawing art act as the reminiscent of the old running franchise is really good and the music is also sounds best.

Check this game out if you want the old school rpg game esthetic, and if you are the fan of the series this is the direct sequel to first 2 game so definitely check it out.

"It's different game from FGO"

I.. admit that my previous review saying it was different and boy i think i kinda feels bad about it because aside from the mechanism/gameplay the game was really feels kinda similar in one way or another.

The original part:
-Idola and roster/team system(gameplay)
-The artstyle(?)

The similar part:
-The setting that kinda same as the competitor, like it was set in the isekai feel worlds (mediaeval and pirate stuff while keeping things feels modern in way)
-The Character that look like from old-time (while it's not a historic based) and also the modern-time
-The sprite obviously

Despite of that i don't feel like hating the game though it's just feels kinda odd that we can't make or choose our chara race and job (even though it let's you pick the date for your character birthday),and it's just different from the phatansy star that we knew back then and i think the game just feels like sega want to cash out same game as the competitor.

Man or Vampire


I didn't expect this from korean gacha...

First of all the fact that this game is really friendly and stuff is ridiculously something that make you feel this is something worth to keep for a while, they giving you more freebies each day you login daily.. and on top of that the way recruit best unit is only to pull it freely.. even though the sr unit is expensive you can negotiate with them to make it cheaper and that is a steal my friend.

The gameplay itself is good, you can experiment with each unit you bring from your roster to the battlefield in turn based strategy gameplay with the flavor of roguelike on top of that.

It's worth checking out or even to keep you won't regret it.

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