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Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact has delivered as promised to be the next generation of gacha games.

Graphics: Obviously, as seen in trailers and previews of the game, the game has one of the best graphics offered on a mobile game. Character models, the world map, dungeons, each is well designed.

Combat: The combat in genshin impact is, in my personal opinion, simple yet exhilarating. Mechanics are simple where abilities each have their own designated button. The addition of elemental reactions adds to the complexity of the game, giving players more options to team building, having to focus not on just the characters, but the synergy between the elements.Elemental resonance as well, is a factor which players must consider as elemental resonance offers unique buffs to your team. As a team consists of 4 characters, players can expect a certain sense of depth to team building.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack of the game perfectly compliments the aesthetic of the game.Character VA is well done, with each characters possesing a voice which matches the outer appearance of each character respectively. Scenes are well voiced, able to carry the intensity and emotions of each scene.

Story: As the game is still in its infancy, the story is still incomplete. However, Mihoyo has stated that plans for the development of the game has already been confirmed. However, based solely on the storyline currently available to players, the story in my personal opinion well thought out and properply schemed. With each scene fully voiced, the story is able to captivate players.

Characters: Each character is well designed and voiced, adding diversity to the character pool of the game. The animations of each character, in or out of combat, is fluid and well rendered. A multidude of different character designs ensures players have a character that suits their personal preference.

Value: Arguably the most important factor to a gacha game, is the gacha. Genshin impact, in all honesty, is not a gacha generous game. With the standard draw rate for 5 star units or weapons being 0.6%. However, the game is still f2p friendly. The developers have desgined the game to ensure that players do not have to heavily rely on 5 star characters to reach the end game. Rather, there are numerous 4 star characters and weapons that are viable for use, and in some situations, considerably solid options.
Resources, inclusive of premium currency, are to some degree, farmable, albeit one must be prepared to grind for such resourecs. The game offers numerous dungeons for each respective item needed to ascend both characters and weapons, with the exception of certain items which can be found in the open world map

Final thoughts: The purpose of this review is not to hate of fanboy the game. Every person is free to have their opinion of the game.Whether one likes it or not, does not mean one must force their opinion on to other people. This reviews serves as an unbiased review of the game, to help players decide whether the game is worth trying forthemselves

Sengoku Renka Zoom!


Lets start with graphics, the game's graphics are one of its strong points, in and out of combat. Though not revolutionary, the game offers grahics similar to Senran Kangura. Character models have fluid animations and are well made. Graphics in combat are good as well, with the addition of skill animations and ultimate animations to make the combat experience more exhilarating.

Gameplay, is another part of the game worth mentioning. Players pick a team of three into a level, with a single character out at a time, againt a multitude of enemies, similar to games such as dynasty warriors. Mechanics are simple, with buttons for skills, ultimates and basic attacks. Each character has two offensive abilities, one buff and one Ultimate. Abilities are used at the expense of energy( i think ?) with the exception of the Ultimate. Energy is shown at the bottom of the screen and is regained by attacking enemy units. Though one thing i personally find difficult is the directional control of abilities and attacks.

Characters, mixed feelings regarding the characters in the game. The game runs on a system where all characters are able to upgraded from R to SSR, essentially making all characters viable for use. All characters also have three different forms for the three elements of fire, nature and water respectively.
All characters do not undergo any major changes to their model after upgrading to a higher rarity though, except for a small change in their outfits. With a such limited pool characters(28 total), one would expect either additional characters will be added to the game or the addtion of skins will be added to the game. As the game is still young, all we can do is wait and see.

Gacha, the gacha of the game offer characters in their R, SR or SSR form. In a multi-pull, the rates are 2.5% for an SSR and 97.5% for and SR. The rates are slightly lower than the average gacha game. On the topic of gachas, the amount of gold (premium currency) accessable by players is rather generous.

Overall, wouldn't recommend. The game has too many flaws to compete with other bishojo games. A lack of character diversity, low gacha rates , and etc. However, as the game is still young, depending on how the devs handle the development of the game, the game might be worth playing.

Arknights | English


A very well made game. The game is graphically one of the best, in terms of UI, hardly any game has come close. Character design is the games greatest achievement, with each character being uniquely designed, as well as being voiced by some of the best VA in Japan. The combat is what one would expect from a TD genre, yet arknights requires a more strategic approach to the game, with 8 different classes in the game, players truly must formulate teams and strategize for each individual level. Additionally, each character in each of the 8 classes respectively have their own unique skillset, thus further requiring players to strategize and formulate a team. These all contribute to making the combat of the game that much more exhilarating as compared to other TD games. The game has also implemented a recruitment system, allowing players to obtain characters besides through the gacha system. Though the game has units ranging from 3-6 stars, the devs have designed the game to ensure that players do not necessarily require players to rely on 6/5 star units to progress in the game.
Arknights isnt without its faults, the game lacks a sweep system, requiring players to play each individual level to obtain the materials necessary. though the game does have an auto battle system, the time required to farm each level is still on the long side.
Overall, would highly recommend one to try this game, even if TD is not your preferred genre, this game is still worth a try.

Wild Girls | Japanese


Average at best. The game brings nothing new to the genre. Graphics are honestly, below average, considering the fact that games of this genre have steadily been seeing improvement in graphics, this game has sadly failed to hit the mark personally in terms of graphics. The combat is repetitive with skill animations that leave much to desire. Farming in this game is bearable, as the game implements several quality of life functions that help ease the workload.The characters are well designed, but character interaction is rather limited. Overall, wouldn't recommend, there are other games available on the market better than this game.

Lord of Heroes


Lord of Heroes, despite all the hype towards the game, has been by far disappointing. The one feature of the game worth complementing are the graphics. The devs of the game have stated their direction for the game, a "new" generation of rpg. Sadly, though the direction of the team is good, the actual design of the game is flawed. Starting with the heroes, though the game implements a system where olayers are able tk recruit characters through progressing the storyline, a large number of charaters must still be recruited through premium currency or "renown"(another form of currency used to recruit characters). A large number of characters are also simply dupes with color alterrations. For a game that was so widely anticipated, we could at least expect a wider range of characters, instead of simply changing the colors of the base characters and expecting players to be satisfied. Next, lets talk about Farming. The devs have said, quote "As for the gameplay, we worked to design the game in a way that players could progress without having to spend a great amount of time playing." Sadly, this is far from the truth. Character progression is the most taxing part of the game. With no skip function implemented in the game, players are required to play through each level in full in order to acquire to the materials needed. To make matters worse, the daily dungeons for exp and gold reset daily, making players start from level 1 of each respective dungeon. Next, lets talk about the gacha system. The gacha system is exclusively for equipment. Though the rates of obtaining high ranked gear is relatively fair, the problem lies specifically in the fact that the gear is solely limited to gear. Taking other games which have implemented such system as an example, we can see that the end result is not the most favourable for the reputation of the game. Moving on to the gameplay, though the game offers amazing graphics, the actual combat of the game gets repetitive and dull the more one plays. The ultimates of each character, though graphically well made, the inability to skip the animation, makes the animations more of a hindrance to the gameplay rather than a asset. Finally, the story of the game. Though the idea of playing as a monarch may seem intriguing, the fact that one is a monarch in the game is eventually forgotten as one progresses in the game. Besides the occasional political issues one must solve and the decision to either occupy or ally with another nation, the game is simply another rpg. Add on the fact that the political issues resolved by the player offers nothing more than small rewards, the purpose of setting the players as a monarch is essentially pointless.

As much as i want to find some sort of silver lining to compliment the game on, the game has simply to many flaws to do so. Worth mentioning, that i do not want the devs to derive from the initial direction of the game they have set on, but rather, to add minor changes to the game in terms of the problems i have mentioned. In the current state of the game, i cannot recommend the game to players.

50 summons with no SSR? yeah man, im out. Japan here i come. Lol

Easily one of the best gacha games available today. Combat mechanic is simple, yet doesn't derive the exhilaration of battles. Characters are regularly added, with subsequent units being better in terms of graphical quality. However Dokkan does share its fair share of faults. An incomplete storyline, the difficulty of stages for new players and etc. Yet the game continues to grow and thrive, and though the game has its flaws, the game is still, without a doubt, one of the best gacha games ti date. I might be biased, but i believe the game is worth a try.

Blue oath lacks the character pool of azur lane, however offers superior graphics.Yet this doesn't necessarily mean the gameplay is better than azur lane. The game lacks several quality of life features, such as skips, boosts and etc, however resoures are easy to come by through quests and achievements. The charcters are well made and well voiced, yet in combat, there is no clear difference between units of the same class. All units belonging to the same class essentially attack the same way, with sole difference being their respective passive skills. Otherwise, the game is well made. Overall, would recommend to try

Essentially Honkai Impact, notable difference being the style of the game. However, doesn't mean its a bad game, the game itself is well polished, gameplay is exhilarating yet maintaining mechanis not hard for the average player. Grinding is made easier with numerous quality of life functions. Energy required for quests is on the short side, probaly my only dissatisfaction. Characters are well made, with outfits and weapon modifications, allowing for customization plus additional outfits should be added in further updates of the game. Overall, worth playing, worth the try.

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Imma be honest with this review, the game used to good, perhaps one of the best bleach games back when it was first released. But as of now, i find it hard to find any good points of the game still remaining to convince myself to continue playing this game. The lack of quality of life, the amount of gems players can earn, the banner drop rates, etc. The 5th anniversary this year, truly was what disappointed me the most. the lackluster login campaign, the lack of content, doesnt even feel like an anniversary. 10/10 wouldn't recommend. Should just begin preparing for the game's funeral lol

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