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Youtube: DEiViD LiGHTblue
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Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


I love Touhou. This must be the best Touhou title on Mobile Phone. There were many amazing titles so far on this contemporary Touhou, but this one comes back to Azure Reflection moments and it looks very similar to original experiences, too. Dialogues are voiced, the art is awesome, as always, and the music is beyond human knowledge. However... I would love to play this on a bigger screen (Yes, PC!) [可憐][可憐] I hope this title gets enough reception. It was very sad to see Danmaku Kagura closing (as I expected from previous DeNA games). I hope they fix the story mode sprites, because they are tiny / huge (they don't take the shape of my screen). I have no words for this Touhou title, simply amazing! Let's make a wish for a PC port [大哭]

Kariz Story|Japanese


The game is cute and you can enjoy it without using Auto battle. The system is pretty similar to other massive multiplayer games such as Ragnarok or Ni no Kuni. Still, this one doesn't have that huge amount of menu. The UI and menu in this game looks much simple to understand. The story and their characters are kind of boring, though... But what really matters is your own character! It's a shame costume gacha is premium only 😓 If you like simple online games... This must be for you! I like it for the moment. Looks like they want to do more collabos over time (based on what I saw in the questionaire). This game also uses lot of Mount and dragons (cards). This must be their unique treat to differ from other colliding titles. Give it a try! [懵懂][懵懂]



This game looks really cute! If you like Picross and Lego at the same time... This is your game! Build your city with summoned Pipo and have a nice time taking a walk. After you build you can paint road, water and other tiles. The game has some similarities with Cookie Run Kingdom. So, if you also like this previous title, you will love it too! Hire Pipo to work on some buildings, such as the Hot Dog stand. The way you expand land and get items is also similar to that title but... without battles at all! Buying blueprints is easy, and you might get some in a short time. Please, enjoy!

Idol Land PriPara


If people really like Pripara then they must have some kind of blindness for this moment. Everything has been copied from previous Pripara games. The main menu looks ugly and it doesn't look like an evolved Pripara title. The first Lala interaction looks like a browser game and it makes no sense the fast introduction to the game. Even worse, 3D models outline looks ugly too, without any possibility to change resolution. If you really want to enjoy Pripara then try Idol Time Pripara Yume All Star Live. Your best experience is there. This Idol Land looks like an emulator. If you are fine with this title, then go ahead... Lose your time here as you want. Cannot believe they delayed their launch for so long, just for this awful port.

Tutorial almost complete the game by its own. Also, it gets glitchy sometimes and needs restart. Graphics could be better, for just one stage we are going to see all the time. Chibi are fine but their eyes are kind of weird. For the gameplay it is good and relaxing or chilling, as if you were inside the anime.

Magic Stone Knights


The copy of a puzzle RPG game we all know... Also, tutorial is impossible to complete because characters attack with an absurd high value of damage, so when the game ask you to touch the target you already killed it.

It imitates Puyo Puyo Ice Block mode from Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary. But controls are horrible and graphics are taken from PowerPoint

Legeclo: Legend Clover


The game is nice! It is Princess Connect and Fire Emblem Heroes at the same time! Characters are very cute, and giving support characters is also very Fire Emblem like, since the last title. It is true that DMM Games has 18+ version of their games, but this one is not very abusive about being 18+ cringe. Most scenes makes sense and their private scenes are achieved after friendship points. Apart from that, gameplay is fine, and has auto feature as well. It would be great if connection is better! You can use an auto clicker to help you "touch" the "reconnect" button. It's a shame! Anyways, give it a try! [汗顏]



Very original gameplay! Character design is pretty good, and it is fun and simple, at the same time. You should give it a try! What I don't like is the fact that a 2023 game doesn't include a Google login or Facebook login. Anyways, old mobile style RPG works like that!

Korilakkuma Tower Defense


It's very difficult. You need to repeat some stages again to get three stars. It's very simple overall

Volzerk is a simple monster battle game. Graphics are fine and it looks like a Nintendo 3DS game, since stages are small and 3D models are as if they were polygon style. It is true that stages structures are repeated and most monster animations are shared among others (if they have same weapon type) but in my opinion is fun and easy. The story seems to be fine, for the N5 japanese that I learn. It doesn't have a big lore, so it's technically similar to Shironeko titles. If you like those COLOPL titles I'm sure you will like it as well. The first 4 character is free and once you take it will now cost 10€ so... Choose wisely and you will have a good experience. Some characters can be purchased with in-game coins but they are 3 stars or 2 stars units. Their design and abilities are pretty fine, as well as their gameplay. The objective of the game is simple: clear dungeons and befriend monsters, as if they were Yo-kai. You can collect enemies fragments but I'm not sure what is their use. Probably they boost some characteristics if you defeat them over and over again. There is also a free map exploration to gather materials and defeat as many monsters as you want. It's similar to Atelier series because you can go through those small maps and collect items! Overall the game is fine and fun! You can also download it on Steam and there you have more graphic settings such as FPS options. Also, the camera can be moved with mouse locked. I usually play on PC, it's better. It would be great to have this game in English and I'm sure they will do something about it. The trailer is ironically in English and the Term of Service are in any language. If they do the same thing as they did with Shironeko Golf... We will probably have it in English, too. I'm looking forward for new updates. There are only 5 chapters by the moment, and the protagonist needs to collect Volzerk fragments to restore him. There are 5 chapters and one fragment per chapter, so in total it would be 10 chapters. There's also a boss section to challenge dragons again. Maybe we will have competitions in the future! Please, give it a try! It's nice game. It's not Pay to Win if you organize well !! Good luck and enjoy

ALICE Fiction


It's a wonderful game! Story is fine, character design is amazing and voice acting is awesome as always for japanese casting. Battle system is very original and the music reminds to Blue Reflection Tie. I love that title and this game gives me the Blue Reflection vibes. I would like to see a Facebook or Google Sign In to avoid data loss and of course optimize high graphics to be a more fluid 60fps experience. Alice Fiction is great in general.

Nofland | Japanese


It's a very cute game. Character design is really well made. You can collect creatures and do some alchemy. It reminds me to Nora to Toki no Koubou somehow... Give Nofland a try if you want to do easy alchemy and collect creatures (that can go into departures).

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... Project Sekai is going more slow than usual. Is it just me or...? [難過] Now those two are in the void and sometimes I touch the screen and dialogue doesn't continue. Read Note
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